June 26, 2008

KingOne Rotary Hot Pot Restaurant at Macapagal Boulevard

KingOne Rotary Hot Pot is the first hot pot buffet in Metro Manila that has its ingredients rotate on a conveyor belt. No need to stand up, just wait for the ingredients to come to you.
King One Rotary Hot Pot

KingOne is not that spacious and considering this is a Chinese restaurant, you can expect that the place is noisy. Even the waiters are sometimes shouting to each other. Since the place is quite new, people are lining up to eat here. Not all tables are beside the conveyor belt. So to those tables that are not, customers can order through the waiter.
KingOne Interior
KingOne has lots of ingredients available for the hot pot, but the problem is that the conveyor belt limits the quantity of the ingredients served. Specially if the place is jam packed.If you want a certain ingredient, you had to wait for the conveyor belt to rotate. Or better yet just order it to the waiters, It would be faster.
KingOne Rotating Ingredients with Conveyor Belt
KingOne serves 6 base soups for their hot pot: Plain Soup, Satay Soup, Century Egg Wansoy Soup, Hong Kong Curry Soup, Spicy Szechuan Soup, and Korean Kimchi Soup
KingOne Hot Pot with Splitter for Soup Flavor
At the tables the put sauce ingredients were you can mix up your own sauce.
KingOne Sauce
Though the conveyor belt was nice, I can't say that the food was. Chinatown's hot pots are way better than KingOne. And not to mention I found the conveyor belt irritating and inconvenient. But I do however find it amusing. So If you want to try something different then try eating here. KingOne also offers Ala Carte menus.

King One Rotary Hot Pot Price per Person:
Ala carte: Php200 - Php400
Mondays to Saturdays Lunch: Php479 eat and drink all you can
Dinners, Sundays, Holidays: Php529 without drinks +Php65 for unlimited drinks
*Php100 charge for leftovers

How to get to King One Rotary Hot Pot:
M2-A L/G Hobbies of Asia, Diosdado Macapagal Blvd., Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines

King One Rotary Hot Pot Contact Information:
(632) 556-1370, (632) 556-1827

What time does King One Rotary Hot Pot:
Open Daily
Lunch: 11:00am to 2:00pm
Dinner: 6:00pm to 11:00pm

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