July 25, 2008

Lifehouse Concert in the Philippines

Lifehouse performed live in the Philippines! Not a music fan but I love listening to their music. I usually play Lifehouse during long drives and just sing loudly by myself. I quickly bought tickets when I found out that they were going to perform in the country. 
Jason Michael Wade

The concert was held in the Araneta Coliseum in Cubao, Quezon City. Of course heavy traffic is expected in every concert there and not to mention hard to find free parking spaces. So we arrived there 1.5 hours before the show starts.
Araneta Coliseum Main Entrance
Gateway Mall beside Araneta Coliseum
Lifehouse is one of few bands I listen to so I bought the Patron Tickets which costs me a lot of money. Finally the show starts and when they came out everyone just shouted and stood up. From there on, nobody in the Patron took their seats. 
Lifehouse Band Performing
Lifehouse Rock Band
The place is full and everyone is just singing with the band including me. I just love their songs. 
Sold out Lifehouse Concert
Projector Screen During Concert
Here are the band members of lifehouse: Jason Wade, Rick Woolstenhulme, Jr., Bryce Soderberg and Ben Carey.
Jason Michael Wade - Lead Vocals and Guitar
Rick Woolstenhulme, Jr. - Drums and Percussion
Bryce Soderberg - Bass Guitar
Ben Carey - Guitar

Lifehouse have an awesome performance but I wished that they played longer. Here are  songs they sang at the concert. Bryce took lead on Bridges and it wasn't that bad.
  1. Make Me Over
  2. Spin
  3. Am I Ever Gonna Find Out
  4. Simon
  5. Hanging By a Moment
  6. Blind
  7. Take Me Away
  8. Somebody Else’s Song
  9. From Where You Are
  10. Bridges
  11. Better Luck Next Time
  12. Whatever It Takes
  13. You and Me
  14. First Time
  15. Disarray – ENCORE
  16. Broken – ENCORE
Jason and Bryce singing bridges. Not sure

Lifehouse Closing
After the concert while going to our car, we saw a crowd of fans waiting at a gate. They said that the band will come out at that gate. So we also waited for the gate to open. And after 15 minutes of waiting, the gate finally opened and everyone shouted but the cars just passed us by and they didn't even open there windows. Oh well. 
Waiting for Lifehouse at the Back entrance of Araneta Coliseum

Ticket prices were the following:
Our Lifehouse Patron Tickets
Patron VIP (101,103) (Reserved Seating)     4890
Patron (Reserved Seating)     3890
Lower Box (Reserved Seating)     3890
Upper Box A (Reserved Seating)     1890
Upper Box B    990

There was only a few meters difference from the back Patron VIP and the front Patron, we decided to buy the Patron. It's good that we only bought the Patron since during concert most people in the Patron stood up and went at the VIP section.

You can check out more upcoming concerts on Araneta Coliseum by visiting www.aranetacoliseum.com

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