April 11, 2009

Hong Kong Disneyland, My First Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland Entrance
Got to travel to Hong Kong Disneyland! This is my first visit to a disneyland theme park so I was very excited. Who doesn't love disney characters right? I grew up seeing so many disney characters and I haven't seen a live mickey mouse before. And I was excited for the fireworks as well, which they say was spectacular. We didn't bought tickets online in advance so we had to fall in line to buy tickets. I suggest buy tickets online! took us 30 minutes or more and we were early by the way. 
Upon Entering
Hong Kong Disneyland Train Station with Mickey Mouse Landscape
Upon entering the first thing I did was get a map and check the attractions. You should really schedule and plan what attractions to visit first. Because disneyland is known for its shows rather than its rides and shows have schedules and some only repeats 3 times a day. And I recommend seeing all the shows as a priority. What I did was while waiting for a certain show in an area, I'll check out the rides within that area. But this plan will only work if the park is not that crowded. So you really have to choose the date when you will be going to Disneyland or any other theme parks. Crowded disneyland means very very long lines in attractions. Check out Hong Kong Disneyland's Park Map

Getting Around HK Disneyland
Hong Kong Disneyland Fantasyland Section
There are 4 areas in Hong Kong Disneyland, namely Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, Adventureland and main street USA. If you don't have kids with you I strongly suggest skipping Fantasyland. It's a waste of time for us adults, specially if the date you are going is a holiday. But don't forget the shows in Fantasyland. With the long lines for every attraction it will be hard for you to finish the whole park in a day. Better to finish the other 3 areas first before going to Fantasyland. To help you with your planning you can visit Hong Kong Disneyland's Website

Recommended Shows 
So what are my recommended shows? I do like the Golden Mickey in Fantasyland. The attraction shows many well known Disney characters and movies. Sort of a musical of various famous Disney movies.  Another is Festival of the Lion King in Adventureland. This is the best show for me. Really great talents and huge props. Make sure you watch both of these shows.
Golden Mickeys Finale at Fantasyland
Lion King Finale at Adventureland
Don't forget the road shows. They have street performers everywhere. But they also have schedules so check their schedules so you can see them on the streets of Hong Kong Disneyland. If you get tired the park also offers shuttle services around the park, but its hard to spot them because there are only few. 
High School Musical Street Parade, Very Nice Vocals
Hong Kong Disneyland Shuttle Bus
About FastPass 
Don't forget the Fastpass! We didn't know about this until we were about to go home. Fastpass is sort of an express pass. you don't have to fall in line anymore. Some attractions has an Fastpass Booth. What you do is insert your park admission ticket and it will give you a ticket with a specific return time. You then can return to that attraction at that specific time and can pass through the fast pass lane. More about fast pass visit this link

Food in HK Disneyland
Food in Disneyland is expensive like any other theme-parks. So I suggest bringing some snacks with you. We ate at tomorrowland and it was crowded. So I recommend eating lunch either early or later than the actual lunch time which is around 11:00A.M. to 1:00P.M..
Burger with Rice at Tommorland Food Court
Tomorrowland Food Court Counters
We waited for the fireworks and it was awesome. It was a mix of lights and sounds with fireworks. Here's a short clip of the fireworks we saw that night. Just watch the short clip, don't watch those full length videos of the fireworks. It will just make it not that exciting. 

Then it was time to say goodbye Disneyland.
Leaving Hong Kong Disneyland
Directions to Hong Kong Disneyland
The easiest way is to take the MTR subways to Sunny Bay Station. There is an interchange for the Disneyland Resort Line. The Disneyland Resort Line opens at 6:20A.M. and will have its last train on 12:40A.M.
Hong Kong Disneyland Private Train
Hong Kong Disneyland Resort Line Station
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