April 13, 2009

Las Vegas Hotels in Macau

MGM Grand Hotel Lion Statue
Got to travel to Macau and see some famous Vegas hotels! We were only on a day trip in Macau so we were able to go to just 4 hotels. What I loved about hotel hopping in Macau is that they have free shuttle services between these 5 star hotels. So they really offer convenient transportations for tourists who wants to see and visit there big hotels. First we went to MGM Grand Hotel. We didn't go inside anymore, just passed by and took some pictures. 

Front of MGM Grand Hotel Macau
Then we went to Wynn Hotel, which is known for there dancing fountain. We watched the dancing fountains and found it not really that amusing, but its a free water show what do you expect. 
Wynn Hotel Macau Dancing Fountains
Front of Wynn Hotel Macau
The third we visited was the Lisboa, it is the biggest local Macau hotel. The old building was the Casino Lisboa and the newly built Lisboa hotel is the iconic Grand Lisboa Hotel. When you're traveling Macau, you won't miss it. It's architecture is very unique and shaped like a lotus, which is seen on the Macau flag. I really am amazed when I saw the building up-close. It is just an amazing building. Here are more images of the Grand Lisboa. 
The Old Lisboa Casino
New Grand Lisboa Hotel and Casino Macau
Grand Lisboa Hotel and Casino Main Entrance
Grand Lisboa Hotel and Casino Macau Building
The Venetian Hotel Shopping Area
Lastly we went to The Venetian Hotel and Resort. We went there last because it was said to be the biggest and has a big shopping area. They have a huge entrance at the back and you can see so many buses and shuttle buses arriving. Lots of tourist, like us, are just dropping by the hotel. Maybe next time I would really checkin to this hotel. You can read more about my visit to The Venetian Hotel and Resort here

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