May 30, 2009

Power Up! Wall Climbing at Centro Athletico in Cubao, Quezon City

Wall climbing is a great exercise and is fun activity with friends. I actually first went to Centro Athletico to play badminton. And when I saw the wall climbing facility there I was eager to try it. After few weeks I went back there with my guy friends to try it out. And man it was hard.
Power Up! Wall Climbing at Centro Athletico
For warm up we first tried the beginners section. It's the one at the right. It's just a simple straight up climb. After trying that we gained confidence and said to ourselves "it's not that hard" and we were so wrong. 
Beginner's Wall Climbing Section
Being so confident I tried the advance section of the wall climbing. It was a straight climb at first but when you reach the top, it has a L shape curve. There were more experienced climbers trying to guide me on where to put my feet and hands. But it was hard to think at the same time pulling my body weight. I almost got to the top but after 2 tries my hands were really worn out. 
This was the hard part, you really need a lot of upper strength
My foot was really cramping here
My hands were losing grip
If you're new to this, I bet you'll be tired after a maximum of 5 climbs. Wall climbing made me really tired and at the same time I felt good. I love pushing my body. Try it and you'll love wall climbing.

Power Up! Price per Person:
Wall Climbing: Php240 - harness + climbing shoes (+Php20 for first time climbers)
Badminton: Php300 per Court per Hour + Php50 Guest Fee per Person

How to get to Centro Athletico:
25 West Road Corner North Road Cubao Quezon City, Philippines

It's quite hard to find this place so better check out the map and follow the instructions.

Option 1: From Gateway Mall or Araneta Coliseum
The nearest landmark is gateway mall or Araneta Coliseum. From there find P. Tuazon Blvd. Then go to EDSA turning left to EDSA South bound. Turn right at the first street you see which is the North Road. Go straight and you're there.

Option 2: Via EDSA North Bound
From EDSA (north bound) make a U-Turn at P.Tuazon Blvd to EDSA south bound. Turn right at the first street you see which is the North Road. Go straight and you're there.

Centro Athletico Contact Information:
(632) 412-7480

What time does Centro Athletico open:
Wall climbing:
Weekdays 2pm to 10pm
Weekends 12noon to 8pm
Daily 6am to 12midnight

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