October 10, 2009

Island Hopping at Coron, Palawan

Boat used for Island Hopping at Coron, Palawan
One of the things to do at Coron is island hopping. We went to visit some of the islands of Coron which offers some unique qualities. Among the best islands I've seen in Coron is the Twin Lagoon which amazingly has hot and cold water at the same time. We went through a small opening which was really small. 

Outside the Twin Lagoon with other Tourists 
Twin Lagoon Entrance
We dropped by Kayangan Lake, which is said to be the cleanest and freshest lake in the Philippines. We went up on a mountain to a part of Kayangan lake where we could swim and feed some fishes. While going up we saw a magnificent view of the lake. 
Nice View of Kayangan Lake
Very clear water at Kayangan Lake. Lots of fish and you can even feed them. 
We also visited Barracuda Lake which has an amazing underwater landscape. The lake is so deep that it was really scary looking down with my goggles. The water is very clear which makes you feel like you're flying on air. Not to mention It was so hard going here. You have to climb up and down a slippery and rough path. I wasn't able to take some photos, but I really recommend this place. The best, hardest and scariest for me. 

Lastly we visited Malcapuya beach. It was amazing. It has white sand and very clean shoreline. we were the only people there at that time and it felt great having the whole island for ourselves. We had our lunch there played Patintero and frisbee. My camera lens was smudged so half of the photo is a bit blurry.
Malcapuya Beach
Malcapuya Beach Shoreline
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