January 10, 2010

Sango Burger Master at Shangri-la Plaza Mall

We tried Sango Burger Master and ordered some Japanese burgers. The ambiance was cozy and the service was ok. My girlfriend loved the food but I did not. I found it frustrating to eat and overpriced.
Sango Burger Master at Shangri-la Mall

The serving was small for the price you pay. It was very oily and it was messy to eat. The regular Sango Burger we ordered was so small. Smaller than a Jollibee yum burger but a bit ticker. It tasted like a regular burger unlike those in Brothers Burger.I had a hard time eating the rice burger I ordered. The rice kept breaking away. In the end I just got a spoon and ate it like a rice meal.
Sango Regular  Burger
Sango Rice Burger
I wasn't able to try anything else and I won't be eating here again. So I'll just show you some of the restaurant's featured dishes that are posted on their wall.
Sango Master Cheese Burger
Sango Yakiniku Rice Burger
Sango Price per Meal:
Php150 to Php250

How to get to Sango Burger Master Shangri-la Plaza Mall:
6/F Shangri-La Plaza Mall , Mandaluyong City, Philippines

Contact Information:
470-8677 - 78

What time does Sango Burger Master Shangri-la Plaza open:
Daily (Monday to Sunday)10:00 am - 11:00 pm

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