October 26, 2010

4 Days and 5 Nights Trip to Hong Kong and Macau

Got to travel to Hong Kong and Macau with my girlfriend and friends! This my second time to travel to HK and Macau at the same trip. The last time was we were in HK then went to Macau, now it was the other way around. We got cheap tickets via Cebu Pacific but had to travel to Macau first and arriving late at night. We made a blooper when booking our flights. We arrived at Macau and had to depart in Macau also. This caused us to lose half a day. We decided to go straight to Hong Kong via ferry boat upon arriving in Macau. Because we would depart in Macau so it is best that we would be in Macau for the last day, just to be sure that we won't miss our flight.

We really wanted a cheap place to stay in Hong Kong. We found Cosmic Guest House on the Internet and saw it offers cheap rooms and an ideal location in Tsim Sha Tsui. But it has its set backs and not to mention it was really disappointing. Had so many complaints that I had to make another post just explain why Cosmic Guest House was disappointing.
Our Small and Tight Room at Cosmic Guest House
Hong Kong Disneyland Ticketing Entrance with Halloween Designs
On our first day, we went to Hong Kong Disneyland. We passed by the Avenue of Stars since we were in the area. Nothing much to see there and after few minutes went on our way to Disneyland. We went on a Halloween so there were special attractions and designs around the park.

The Peak's Victoria Peak Building
The next day we toured the Peak, where we saw a great view of Hong Kong's skyline at the Sky Terrace. We also visited Madame Tussauds' wax museum which is also at the Peak. Attractions at The Peak are affodable except for Madame Tussauds' wax museum. We bought the 3-in-1 package of The Peak.

Ocean Park Hong Kong Halloween Entrance
After the Peak we went to Ocean Park. The bus to Ocean Park was just near The Peak. Ocean Park had special Halloween attractions at night but you have to buy separate tickets for it. So weren't able to see them. Compared to Disneyland Hong Kong, the rides in Ocean Park is better for adults. And not to mention they have new attractions being built at Ocean Park Hong Kong.

Last Day at Hong Kong
We were suppose to go to Lantau Island before going to Macau. But we found out that half a day would not be enough. Traveling to Lantau Island would take so much time so we decided just to walk around Hong Kong's malls and go shopping. After that we checked out and went straight to the ferry to Macau.

Ruins of Saint Paul
At Macau we basically went hotel hopping. There were many shuttle buses which went from one hotel to another so it was very convenient. I recommend seeing MGM Grand, Wynn and The Venetian as priorities. They have free attractions inside and are very entertaining. We went to Macau Tower. We didn't try the bungy jump but we did watch other people bungy jumping.  I love cars so I forced my friends to go to Grand Prix Museum. Which houses some F1 replicas and other cars. Of course you shouldn't miss taking a photo with St. Paul Ruins. If you have a photo here they will know you've been to Macau. Our two days tour of Macau was not enough, but 3 days would be.

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