October 23, 2010

Classic Cars at Grand Prix Museum Macau

Macau is well known for it's Formula 1 races so I googled it on the Internet. I stumbled Grand Prix Museum and base on the map it was just a few blocks away from fisherman's wharf. So we decided to walk there after looking around fisherman's wharf. Surprisingly we got lost. Apparently the museum itself is inside a building and you wouldn't see any big signs of Grand Prix Museum. After asking directions from people we finally found the correct entrance for the museum. 
Grand Prix Museum Logo at the Basement

The museums are housed at the basement so after entering you would go down the stairs to the museum. I love cars so I really enjoyed this place. They have lots of replicas of classic race cars and numerous formula one cars. They also have a few sports bikes.
Oldest Car Model in Grand Prix Museum
Old Red Race Car
Looks like a Formula Two or Formula Three
Maybe Rally car or Nascar. Not really sure.
Blue Formula One Car
Yellow Formula One Car 
Red and White Formula One Car in Rotating Platform
Sports Bike
They also have a race car simulator which guests can play. It's not actually a simulator, it's more like a PC attached to a steering wheel controller. With a cheap system, the least they could do is put more than one PC. Maybe they're a little short on budget. The car simulator game was lame but fun playing with friends. To play you should get a playing stub at the counter. 
Playing Grand Prix Museum Simulator (Actually just a PC Game)
At the other side of the basement they have the Macau Wine Museum. We didn't taste the wine and just looked around. Nothing much to see. 
Macau Wine Museum Basement Logo
Macau Old Outfits
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