October 20, 2010

Halloween at Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland Resort Main Gate
Got to travel to Hong Kong Disneyland on a Halloween! Unlike Ocean Park, Disneyland doesn't have special Halloween attractions, but they did have dancing zombies at night. I have a short video below. It's my second time going to HK Disneyland, so it's not that exciting anymore. My first visit to HK Disneyland was last April of 2009. All the shows and its actors were the same. But I still enjoyed being there with different people. Last time I was with my family, now I was with my girlfriend and friends.

Buying Hong Kong Disneyland Tickets 
Hong Kong Disneyland Ticketing Booths and Entrance
We got our tickets in advance, but not through the Internet. We bought it at the Cosmic Guest House, which is the place we were staying in. The staff said that most guest houses have tie ups with Disneyland and Ocean Park. They sell Disneyland and Ocean Park Tickets at cheaper rates. Too bad we didn't know this when we went to Ocean Park the other day. So be sure to ask your hotel or any place you are staying in if they are selling Disneyland and Ocean Park tickets and compare them to actual rates.

Street Parades and Performances
Two Chinese Yoyo Performers juggling and tossing the yoyo high up in the air
The performers passing the chinese yoyo to each other
Usually I really don't schedule street performances so I just see them by chance. Because other attractions are more important specially if you're lacking time. I got to see these two guys playing with Chinese Yoyos. They were really entertaining and very funny. They were tossing 3 Chinese yoyos so high and still were able to catch them. Very entertaining, be sure to ask for their schedule when you visit.
High School Musical Street Perfomance
This time I was able to watch the High School Musical street performance from start to end. But the performers were different. Comparing them to before, last time was way better. Vocals seems to be not as good as the last performers I saw. But that's just me.:)

It was Halloween so they have this special Halloween themed parade. They have huge floats and lots of Disney characters in Halloween costumes. So take note of the schedule of these parades. But again priority is still the attractions.

Shows and Entertainments
Golden Mickeys Opening Act At Fantasyland
Golden Mickeys Finale At Fantasyland
As I recommended over and over, Golden Mickey and Lion King is a must watch and see attraction. It's my second time to watch them but I still love to see it. The Golden Mickeys casts were the same and the cute girl is still there. She's really cute.:p
Lion King Finale at Adventureland
Lion King Casts at Adventureland
I think the Lion King casts had some changes but still they were great. Don't have a picture of this, but they have a part where two huge guys plays with double fire batons and throwing them around. Very entertaining.

Other Sights and Sounds
Large Clock Tower at Fantasyland showing different dolls of various races
There's this clock tower in fantasyland that is like a giant cuckoo clock. Every hour it opens up and shows little kids of different countries with background music.

The whole Disneyland is full of Disney characters where you can have a photo with. But usually you have to fall in line, usually long lines. So just choose characters you really like. Me, I never actually taken a photo with any character, because the lines were usually long and I rather spend it with other things.
Nightmare Before Christmas Characters
Disneyland has really amazing detailed attractions. One is the tree house of Tarzan.  It's at the middle of a lake. It's huge and though it look like a real tree, it's actually fake.
Tarzan Tree House surrounded by a man made river
The rides in Hong Kong Disneyland are mostly for kids so there was only one ride or attraction I really enjoyed. That's the Space Mountain in Tomorrowland. It's an indoor roller coaster with lots of sudden turns. Be sure to smile at the last drop, there will be a camera taking your picture. So open those eyes..
Inside Space Mountain Attraction at Tomorrowland
Zombies Dance Performance
Zombie performers during Halloween night at Hong Kong Disneyland
Because it's Halloween, Hong Kong Disneyland had a dance performance by lots of zombie looking performers on the streets before the fireworks. Their make up was awesome. Had a picture with some of them. Even as we were talking to them and having out photos taken they still continued acting like zombies. They were really acting seriously, giving us guests an even greater experience. Here's a short clip of the zombies' dance number.

Compared to last time, the fireworks display this time was not that great. In fact, it was very disappointing. The fireworks show was shorter than before and shot fewer fireworks. I knew that they have better fireworks in certain days but didn't expect that there will be a huge difference. But If it's your first time, you'll still enjoy it, so still watch it.

Directions to Hong Kong Disneyland
Inside the Disneyland Resort MTR
The easiest way is to take the MTR subways to Sunny Bay Station. There is an interchange for the Disneyland Resort Line. The Disneyland Resort Line opens at 6:20A.M. and will have its last train on 12:40A.M.

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