October 19, 2010

Halloween at Ocean Park Hong Kong

Got to travel to Ocean Park Hong Kong! As a kid, I grew up with Ocean Park. This is the first place I saw dolphin shows, sea lions and killer whales. It has been so long since I last visited Ocean Park. Last time we were in Hong Kong we just went to Disneyland. As to every theme park, you won't enjoy them the third time around except if you have a different set of travel companions, which I did. It was October so they have Halloween setups and designs. 
Hong Kong Ocean Park Halloween Theme Entrance

Night Tickets
They also have night tickets where there was special Halloween attractions around the park. We didn't purchased the night tickets anymore but when we were about to go home there was so many Hong Kong teenagers getting in the park. I don't know why there were so many young locals, mostly high school students. Good thing we didn't purchased those tickets, it was so crowded that night. 

Ocean Park Attractions
When I think of Ocean Park, I think of dolphins, sea lions and killer whales. But sadly now there is no killer whale. I am used to watching these kind of shows so I was pretty bored. Nothing new and nothing special. These shows area really for one time viewing only if you're an adult but for kids you can let them watch these kind of things over and over again. Like I did when I was a kid. But I do find dolphins really cute. I like watching them jump around. 
Water Show Stage
Ocean Park Sea Lion Performance
Ocean Park Dolphin Show Jumping
Dolphins Jumping Over Trainers
They have pandas in Ocean Park. I expected a lot though. But I just saw 1 regular panda and 2 of those little brown pandas. 
Little Panda at Ocean Park
Small Brown Panda at Ocean Park
I loved watching those jellyfish swim. Ocean Park have a number of giant jellyfish in their aquariums. 
Jellyfish Colorful Fish-tanks 
Huge Jellyfish
Two Big Jellyfish Swimming Around
Of course who would miss Ocean Park's Cable Car. When I was a kid I was really scared of this ride because of the height. Now, I'm still a bit scared. lol. It is really high. So if you're afraid of heights, I suggest pass on this one. 
Cable Car with a Nice View of Ocean Park Sea Horse Logo
Scary High View of Ocean Park Cable Car
Some of the best attractions in Ocean Park are Abyss, the Dragon and Mine Train. 

New Attractions at Ocean Park
Overall the park was fun but again it's not the type that you'd want to go back to. Unless of of course you have kids or different set of travel companions with you. But it seems like that there's something to look forward to in Ocean Park. I saw these huge constructions going on inside the park. It seems that they are constructing new attractions for the park. Ocean Park is quite old and it really needs new attractions. Hopefully this will lead to Ocean Park's new image. You can check updates at Ocean Park's website
Construction on new Attractions at Ocean Park
Directions to Ocean Park
The best way for tourist like us to get to Ocean Park is by City Bus 629. It's conveniently located at Admiralty MTR Station and costs HK$10.6 per adult. Travel time usually less than hour. 

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