October 27, 2010

Short Stop and Lunch at Tagaytay Highlands

A friend treated us lunch and bowling at Tagaytay Highlands. This was actually my first time to visit Tagaytay Highlands. The place is very big and has beautiful views. It even has its own golf course.
Tagaytay Highland's Golf Course
Tagaytay Highland's Golf Course
After touring some parts of Tagaytay Highlands we had a buffet lunch. I forgot where we went, but I think it was a garden. Most that was served was said to be grown at the garden, so it tasted fresh. At the buffet you can choose your own ingredients for the salad and pasta. It was really fun to have many ingredients to mix around with.
My Own Salad Mix
My Own Pasta Mix
Our buffet was a waste since we just had a late breakfast at Sonia's Garden. Our food wasn't even digested yet, so we all had one round of pasta and salad. We sat there for few hours and catch up. 

Our friend toured us in the Highlands' sports complex and saw a bowling lanes there. We have it a shot. Although the bowling lanes were a bit old, it was still ok.
Tagaytay Highlands' Bowling Lanes
After few rounds of bowling we went straight back to manila. Thanks to our friend who treated us.

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