October 21, 2010

Staying at Cosmic Guest House Hong Kong

Got to stay at the Cosmic Guest House in Hong Kong! This is a guest house not a hotel. At first we really didn't thought about it that much but there's a big difference. We were on a tight budget so we looked for a cheap place to stay at Hong Kong on the Internet. We stumbled upon Cosmic Guest House.

We stayed at a very small room at Cosmic Guest House
They have this nice website showing nice big rooms. So we assumed that all rooms do look like that, but they do not! We were so disappointed when we got there. I personally never stayed in a guest house before. So when I saw the photos on the Internet, I assumed that I would get what I see. When we got there, we were a bit shocked. 

First we arrived at Hong Kong via ferry boat from macau around midnight. So we had trouble finding the place. We thought Cosmic Guest House has its own building, but we were wrong. Guest houses in Hong Kong is where businessmen buys several condo units and turns it into a guest house. After asking directions from a mobile police patrol we finally found it.

The Cosmic Guest House is located very conviniently at East Tsim Sha Tsui. In the Morning, there are lots of shops in the area and people walking around. But around 12 midnight, which is the time we checked in, the place is filled with hookers, people smoking and drinking on the streets. If you're a tourist walking alone, I'm sure you'll be scared. Maybe that's why there was a mobile police car in the area. But if you want to have a cheap place to stay then ignore these things.
Cosmic Guest House Restroom
Another shock to us was our rooms. The rooms were nothing like the ones we saw on the Internet. When we asked where is the room that was on the photos, the staff said that  those were the more expensive rooms. 

Our room was small that you only have few inches of space to walk around. The interior was very simple. The restroom is also small and I know many are choosy when it comes to comfort rooms. But the restrooms are clean and they do have hot water.  And lastly, the bed sheets and towels are clean but had some small holes and minor stains in them. 

Something Positive
In terms of security, the place has several security cameras and security doors. Customer service is ok and the staff speak english and mandarin. The staff are nice, friendly and accommodating. And the best part is that the guest house offers free wi-fi. 

About Cosmic Guest House website 
We didn't get the chance to see the "more expensive" rooms. But I was able to ask about their website. The staff or owner explained that they just hired someone to make and maintain the site. Then the he/she gives the reservations to the guest house. They should really fix the details about the rooms. People who don't know anything about Hong Kong's guest houses might have the wrong idea of the place they would be checking in to. Just like what happened to us. But lesson learned and will choose more wisely next time.

Remember that cosmic does offer cheap rooms. Although I was a bit disappointed, I see these things as additional information to those who would consider staying at cosmic guest house rather negative comments. For me, I'll gladly stay again at cosmic guest house since its location is very convenient, rooms are very cheap, good security and nice staff.  You get what you pay for. And base on the price I'd say it was still worth it. Maybe next time I'll try the more expensive rooms, it's still far cheaper than hotels.

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johann said...

what room did u avail and how much was it? thanks

Unknown said...

We got the "Double Bed Ensuite (2 Double Beds)" but when we got there they gave us the one with windows.:)

johann said...

how much was it?

johann said...

The ones on their website are newer and deluxe type. It looks nice.

No wonder they dont put pictures of the ensuite rooms.

I am on a budget travel, maybe I will avail for the deluxe. :)

Unknown said...

hmmm.. can't quite remember but I think it was less than HK$400 per night. Since I remember paying 600 pesos for a day. We were 4.

Yah try the deluxe. Hopefully it would be spacious. The rooms are really small. But you are on a budget. You'll just sleep there anyways..:)