October 24, 2010

Two Days in Macau After Hong Kong

Got to travel to Macau! Actually we were in Macau for few hours before we were in Hong Kong. Because of our flights, we arrived at Macau and departed at Macau as well. We decided to go straight to Hong Kong first then come back to Macau before departing back to Manila.
Ruins of Saint Paul
This is my second time to Macau, my first was back in 2009. I tried to focus on things I haven't gone to. Tried to search the Internet for special attractions that the city has. We first went to Ruins of Saint Paul.
Nice View of Grand Lisboa standing at Ruins of Saint Paul
Then we went straight to Leal Senado Square. It's just walking distance from Ruins of St. Paul. There we went to see Leal Senado Building and Saint Dominic Church. There was preparations for a festival of some sort when we went there. Don't really know what it's called. We tried a tea shop there that offers burgers, egg tarts and milk teas. 
Leal Senado Square with Preparations for a Festival
Leal Senado Building
Saint Dominic Church near Leal Senado Square
Inside Saint Dominic Church
Food at Leal Senado Square
After walking around we rode a taxi to Fisherman's Wharf. I didn't take any photos of this place anymore since I was here last year. Just check out my last year's visit to Fisherman's Wharf
Fisherman's Wharf Roman Inspired Coliseum like Stage
We dropped by Sands Hotel for few minutes, it was just beside the Fisherman's Wharf.
Sands Hotel near Fisherman's Wharf
We went to Grand Prix Museum and Wine Museum which is just near the fisherman's wharf. But be careful not to get lost. The museums doesn't have its own building. It's just placed on a basement of another building. So it's a bit hard finding the entrance and which building it was it. 
Sports bikes at Grand Prix Museum
One of many Formula 1 cars in Grand Prix Museum
Then we went to Macau Tower. We wanted to try the bungy jump, which is said to be the highest bungy jump. But it was a bit pricey and some of us were scared of heights so we just watched other people jump.
Macau Tower
Here's a video of a person bungy jumping from the top of Macau Tower.

The rest of the trip we just went hotel hopping. There are lots of free shows in Macau's hotels. So be sure to got those first. Wynn hotel offers three free shows. They have the dancing fountains, Prosperity Tree and Dragon show.
Wynn Hotel Night
The Prosperity Tree was amazing to watch. The huge dome opened above revealing a color screen showing bright spectrum of colors. Then the tree comes out from the bottom dome and changes colors while rotating. The colors represents the life cycles of a tree which refers to the four seasons (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall). I loved the background music while watching the prosperity tree. The show gave me goose-bumps. Sadly I didn't know that there was another show called the dragon show. So be sure to wait for the Dragon Show after the Prosperity Tree Show.

I shot a video of the Prosperity Tree Show but I unconsciously flip the camera horizontally when the tree was coming out.

We went on dropping by other hotels. The Grand Lisboa and Casino Lisboa are one the must visits. It has an amazing architecture. Really love the shape of the building.
Grand Lisboa Hotel and Casino
Casino Lisboa - in front of Grand Lisboa Hotel and Casino
Saw this figurine or whatever its called. It was so small yet so detailed. Just have to take a photo of it.
Art displayed at Grand Lisboa
Detailed Art with Really Small life like People
Another nicely designed building is the Galaxy Starworld Hotel. Very colorful at night and has a uniquely shaped structure.
Colorful Galaxy Starworld Hotel
Our last stop before going to the airport was The Venetian Hotel. Good thing with the Venetian is that they have a accommodating baggage counter where we left our bags. You can also read my last visit of the Venetian Hotel. They have a magnificent lobby with the ceiling painted with beautiful artworks.
Snapshot of the Venetian Hotel from the Bus to Macau Airport
The Venetian Hotel Main Lobby Entrance
Venetian Lobby Ceiling has beautiful painted Artworks 
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