April 9, 2011

Brief Visit to Chinatown, Singapore

Got to travel to Chinatown Singapore! We went there too early, most shops were still close. I noticed that the buildings in the area are colorful. There are lots of souvenir shops. So if you want to buy gifts or pasalubong, Chinatown is the place to be. Most of the stores there sell Singapore keychains, shirts, fans, chopsticks and many more. The best part is that you can bargain with the store owners. 
Chinatown Souvenir Shops
Chinatown has many food choices when you walk around the area. They also have a hawker center near by which is newly renovated. 
Chinatown Seafood Restaurant
Parts of Chinatown
If you're curious of the history of the Chinese in Singapore be sure to drop by at the Chinatown Heritage Centre.
Chinatown Heritage Center
Singapore Students visiting Chinatown Heritage Center
Chinatown is very convenient to go to. Chinatown has its own MRT station via North East (purple) line. Wondering what to do after Chinatown? you can go straight to Clarke Quay via MRT or you can walk. Clarke Quay is one station away or 10-15 minutes walk from Chinatown. Be sure to find the main road so you won't get lost like we did. 

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