April 8, 2011

Sentosa, Singapore

Got to travel to Sentosa, Singapore! This is our second round to Sentosa. I scheduled two days because 1 day is for Universal Studios and Resorts World. We only spent half a day on our 2nd day there, because we still have other places to visit. So we started in Vivo City and rode the Sentosa Express (more transportation details below). You have two station to choose from. Imbiah Station or Beach Station. We chose Imbiah Station because we wanted to be early for the attractions there. Usually attractions open at 9:00A.M. but better to be earlier so you can take a good picture with the merlion statue and sentosa.

Sentosa Attractions 
We passed through Tiger Sky Tower and Images of Singapore. We didn't tried it anymore since we felt that it was not worth our time. Maybe next time when we go back to Singapore. Tiger Sky Tower is a must if you want to view the whole Sentosa way up. It costs around S$15 Adult and S$10 Child 9:00A.M. to 9:00P.M. daily. While Images of Singapore costs around S$10 Adult and S$7 Child. 

We tried the CineBlast and bought tickets for the Extreme Lodge Ride and Desperados Package. Costs us S$26 per person. Recommended If you're traveling with a child. It's a bit old and not that fun if you're an adult. If you have limited budget for your trip, I suggest spend your money on other attractions. 

Megazip Adventure Park 
Going down the zipline to Siloso Beach
If you're the type who wants thrills drop by Megazip Adventure Park. It's a bit tiring to go to. Its a 5 to 10 minute walk up an inclined road. Sort of your warm up. They have the Megazip which a long zipline to siloso beach, which is a must try for me. 
Preparing for the Megazip
Next in Line for the Megazip Ride
You have empty your pockets and surrender your bags to a staff. They will then transport it to the end point of the zipline. Look scary? Yeah a bit. The first part was the scariest. Where you have to sit mid air, like in the photo above. It was hard to step off the edge and sit down. Be sure to tell the staff to pause for a while before starting the ride. Our experience was after we sat for just "a second" he then suddenly released the locks and we started going down the line fast. 

Price: S$29 per person
Restrictions: minimum height 70cm and max weight 140kg

Climbmax Attraction at Megazip Adventure Park
We weren't able to try the other attractions because we're on a budget. They have other ncie attractions like Climbmax, ParaJump and NorthFace(Wall Climbing).

Prices for the other Megazip Adventure Park Attractions:
Restrictions: minimum height 70cm and max weight 120kg
For combo packages and more details on these attractions visit Megazip webpage.

Beaches and Sand

Siloso Letters at Siloso Beach
View of Siloso Beach
Beaches! We were dropped there by the Megazip. It was so hot that day so we decided not to go to Fort Siloso. I was stupid to wear pants. Didn't thought of wearing shorts. Silly me. And because it was hot we just rode the bus shuttles and just look around per stop. We saw an artificial wave maker behind the Wave House Shop. I don't know how to surf but the guy there was pretty good. 
Man surfing on a man made wave

Wavehouse Store Entrance at Sentosa
In Wavehouse you can find all your beach accessories and clothing needs. They have lots of Billabong shorts there if you forgot to bring one. They also have surf boards and lots of bikinis.

Riding a Segway Scooter
Trying out the Off Road Segway Scooter
We weren't able to go to the other side of the island which other beaches and the golf course are located. Our last bus stop was at the beach station of sentosa express. But before we go we saw a segway! Never saw one before. They offer it as an attraction and called it GoGreen Segway Eco Adventure. You'll have a chance to ride a segway in a off-road setting. Just a short round in dirt roads. For the sake of trying we tried a round and costs us S$12 per person. Look simple and easy to use? no it's not. You really have to be still when you stand on it. It's very sensitive and little movements can make it move. You move by leaning forward and backward and turn by turning the handles. After a while you'll get the hang of it. It's a must try for me. After that we went back to Vivo city and the end of our Sentosa Trip. If you're wondering how it look like moving? Check out the video below. Almost lost my balance and drop my camera. whew.

Directions to Sentosa
Sentosa Express Train
Best way to go to Sentosa? Best route for me is to take the North East (Purple) Line to Vivo City or Harbour Front. That's the last station of the NE Line. From their you can opt to ride the Sentosa Express or the Singapore Cable Car. If you don't like to spend too much money or afraid of heights I suggest Sentosa Express. You can get off Imbiah Station or Beach Station. If you're worried of having long walks. Don't be. Sentosa has a great bus system. If you're in a hurry you can always ride the bus and still see many great views of Sentosa's Beaches. 
Sentosa Express : S$3 Adult and Child (two way)
Singapore Cable Car:
S$24 - one way Adult
S$26 - two way Adult
S$14 - one way Child
S$15 - two way Child
If you want more choices on transportation to Sentosa you can 
visit this link.

Attraction we were not able to visit:
Fort Siloso
- Canons and forts. We have that in Intramuros, Manila.
Animal Bird Encounters
- Better to try more unique attractions
Butterfly park and insect kingdom
- Better to try more unique attractions
Skyline Luge
- Tried the Megazip already
Songs of the Sea
- They have a free lights and sound show at Marina Bay Sands every weekend. Not as big as this but good enough alternative because its free. 
Under Water World 
- Been to water parks, so didn't want to try this
Dolphin Lagoon
- Been to water parks, so didn't want to try this
Tiger Sky Tower
- Nothing special for me. 
Images of Singapore
- Will try it next time. 

For more attractions at Sentosa visit its official website at www.sentosa.com.sg

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