April 8, 2011

Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo Main Entrance
Got to travel to Singapore Zoo! I love animals so I enjoyed visiting here. It has so many types of animals and really one of the places where any family would enjoy. The offers not only viewing of rare and exotic animals but also a chance to feed and interact with them. There are also shows inside the zoo but unfortunately we were in a hurry so we weren't able to watch any of the shows. There's also "Kids world" a place where kids can enjoy. The ticket prices are affordable and for me is worth every penny.

Inside the zoo you'll notice that most animals are not in cages. So if you're afraid of animals I suggest you go with someone who's not. Small animals pop out from anywhere, like monkeys, birds and more. Singapore zoo is as big as Universal Studios Singapore. So it's a bit tiring to walk around so be sure to bring extra shirts and water. 
Shuttle Bus Photo Through Oval Mirror
Singapore Zoo Shuttle Buses
If you're worried for someone old, pregnant or disabled no need to worry. Singapore zoo offers a variety of vehicles to help visitors/tourists get around the park. They offer rentals for small 3 wheel scooters and small golf karts. And they have a shuttle that goes around the entire zoo. Very convenient but I still suggest walking around the zoo so you would not miss anything.

Singapore zoo's big animals are enclosed in huge spaces. They also have an attraction where you can ride an elephant. Too bad the line was too long. We were not able to see the kid's world because we skipped that part because we didn't have kids with us and we were in a hurry.
Playground for Monkeys
Elephant Ride
Overall, Singapore Zoo was great. Some people might say that the zoo stinks. What do you expect in a zoo? Animals poop anywhere. But don't worry! Most of the zoo smells fine except for some animals which are know to really stink. I think some people are exaggerating or not used to animals. There's also a Night Safari which focuses more on nocturnal animals. We'll leave that for next time.
Singapore Zoo Ticketing Booths
Singapore Zoo is open daily
8.30am to 6.00pm
Ticket Prices
Adult S$20.00 Child (3 to 12 years old) S$13.00
Prices quoted are subject to change

Directions to Singapore Zoo 
Best way to go to Singapore Zoo? I suggest hiring a Taxi. Singapore zoo is far from the city and if you chose to commute it will involve lot of transfers and walking.

Some of my favorite animals seen at Singapore Zoo

Also took a video of the white tiger. I just feel that a photo isn't enough for this magnificent creature.

I also saw these cute penguins swimming. They were so cute! Just have to share them with you.

There are also packages offered for Singapore Zoo with other parks like Night Safari and Jurong Bird Park. You can check out the packages here

You can know more about Singapore Zoo and its attractions by visiting it's official website.

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