April 7, 2011

Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Logo at the Main Entranc
Got to travel to Sentosa, Singapore! We went to the newly opened Universal Studios within the Resorts World Sentosa. I haven't been to the United State's Universal Studios so I can't compare them. So here we go. I suggest go to Universal Studios Singapore on a weekday and avoid national holidays and school breaks. Ticket prices in Universal Studios Singapore will vary depending on what day you are going to visit. They have different prices for holidays, school breaks and regular days.  The prices ranges are the following:
Adult S$66 - S$72
Child S$48 - S$52
Senior S$32 - S$36
Express Pass S$30 - S$68
Tips on Buying Universal Studios Tickets 
Universal Studios Main Entrance
Aside from ticket prices, visiting on a regular weekday will help you avoid long lines in attractions and rides. But if you have no choice, you can always get the express pass which allows you to cut through lines. Reminder though that the express pass only allows you one entry per ride. So if you want to ride again you must fall in line like the rest. Express passes also comes in handy if you want to finish the park quickly. Universal Studios Singapore is only at its soft opening, so some attractions are not yet opened. So be sure to check out their 2011 Universal Studios Singapore Ticket Prices . One tip is to buy your tickets online via Resorts World Sentosa Website in advance to save time and avoid long lines in the ticket counter.

Universal Studios Singapore Attractions
If you're a thrill seeker it's best not to carry bags. Most big attractions don't allow any type of bags. You then have to put you're bag in a locker which is available in every ride. Reminder though that the lockers have certain time limits. Once you exceed 45 minutes you will be charged for the succeeding time.
View of Universal Studios Singapore
View of Universal Studios Singapore
The theme park is small so if you arrived early I'm sure you'll be able to ride all the attractions before the day ends. We went on a regular Friday, so we decided not to get the express pass. We had about 15-20 minutes waiting time per attraction. Some of the scarier rides takes only 5-10 minutes. We were able to try every attraction about roughly in 7-8 hours. With the express pass I guess you can finish the park in half that time.

We saw Madagascar Penguins dancing! They were so cute. Shot a video of them dancing. 

Universal Studios Singapore Food 
Food there is nice but expensive. Almost all dishes there costs around S$10. So if you don't want to spend so much on food bring some snacks with you. 
Chicken Rice at Universal Studios Singapore
Waterworld Attraction 
One of the attractions I like is Waterworld. It's base on the movie Waterworld. The attraction shows real stunts, gun fire and explosions. On the show, if you seat on the splash zone, which is the seats in front, they have the right to throw water at you. So be sure to bring extra shirts. Click this link for more details on the Waterworld Attraction.
Waterworld Attraction Entrance
Roller Coaster Battestar Galactica
Front of Battlestar Galactica
Another awesome attraction is Battlestar Galactica. A roller-coaster that has two entrances. The red is the humans. Which is more traveling fast and sharp turns. The blue is the Cylon, where you are seated with your feet hanging. This is lane is more scary than the red. This involves lots of upside-down turns. 
Battlestar Galactica Attraction/Ride
Directions to Universal Studios Singapore
Sentosa Express Train
Best way to go to Universal Studios Singapore? Best route for me is to take the North East (Purple) Line to Vivo City or Harbour Front. That's the last station of the NE Line. From their you can opt to ride the Sentosa Express or the Singapore Cable Car. If you don't like to spend much or afraid of heights I suggest Sentosa Express to Waterfront Station.
Sentosa Express : S$3 Adult and Child (two way)
Singapore Cable Car:
S$24 - one way Adult
S$26 - two way Adult
S$14 - one way Child
S$15 - two way Child
If you want more choices on transportation to Universal Studios Singapore you can visit this link.

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