April 12, 2009

Venetian Hotel in Macau

Venetian Hotel View While Inside the Bus
Got to travel to The Venetian Hotel and Resort in Macau! What I hated about my visit there? I lost HK$500 in 10 minutes! There casino's minimum bet are very high. Anyway, the place is big. You can really feel you're in Venice. The sealing at the center are realistically painted looking like clouds. There are many performers scattered in the shopping areas inside. We weren't able to ride the gondola, but I will sure try it next time. There shopping area is big and luckily they have a sale when we were there.
Lovely Interior of the Venetian Hotel Shopping Area
Realistic Cloud Paintings at Venetian Hotel
The Venetian Casino 
The Casino there is big. They have high minimum bets, but wasn't able to play the electronic games, maybe those have lower minimum bets. If you don't like the smell of cigarettes I suggest stay out the casino if its crowded. There were lots of cigarette smokers around when I went in, and the smell was really strong.
Quick Snapshot of Venetian Hotel Casino
The Venetian Performers
Some of Venetian Hotel Performers at the Shopping Area
They have lots of performers in the resort. They have dancing, singing and other sorts of entertainment. The shopping area is great for the family, specially with the indoor river for the gondola is seen around the shopping areas. The gondoliers even sings and they have really loud and strong voices. Wasn't able to roam around the whole Venetian, because we were just on a day trip at Macau. But I'm sure to return again. You can visit The Venetian Macau Resort Hotel's website for more info. 

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