October 30, 2008

Wakeboarding at Lago de Oro, Batangas

Got to travel to Lago de Oro! Lago de Oro is the first cable wakeboard or wakeboarding park in the Philippines. It is located in Batangas, so it's not that far from Manila. It's a nice way to enjoy with your family or friends. Wakeboarding is fun and challenging. Honestly I don't know how to swim nor want to swim, but still I liked wakeboarding. Me and my friends went there for a day trip, just to try out wakeboarding. 
Lago de Oro

Low tide beach behind the Lago de Oro Hotel
Lago de Oro Swimming Pool
More about Lago de Oro 
The park have its own hotel for people who wants to spend more than a day. The hotel also has a swimming pool and a restaurant. At the back there's a beach, but when we were there the tide was low so all we can see was sand. For the wakeboarding they have this man made lake. They have a big motor at the center powering the cables and pulling wakeboarders. 

View of the Man Made Lake of Lago de Oro
Motor Powering the Cables for WakeBoarding
About Lago de Oro's Wakeboarding 
Wakeboarding or Cable Ski looks easy but there not. At the park they first let you try a beginner's position where you would kneel down to a board instead of standing up. Looks easy right? But you really have to hold your grip with the handles because the cables pull really hard specially when turning. When turning you should hold tight and try to pull your chest to the handle to gain balance. That's what I did but I don't know if it's the right way. After few round of the basic, I was confident on trying the next level, which was in a standing position. 

Me Trying the Beginners Style of WakeBoarding
WakeBoarding Beginners Position in Action
The standing position is like snowboarding in water. I never tried skateboarding nor snowboarding, so this was a first for me. I tried 3 times and all failed. I can't even get to the water with the board on my feet. It was really hard to balance my hands which is causing me to fly off my board. Not to mention it was painful to hit the water. That's why I only tried 3 times. After the third try my body was hurting. I wasn't too disappointed with myself because none of my friends were able to do it too. Here are my wipeout pictures. Don't laugh too hard!

My Failed WakeBoarding Attempt, Went Flying without my Board.   
My Failed WakeBoarding Attempt and hit the Water Hard

Here's a video of me trying wakeboarding and failed miserably..

For more information visit Lago de Oro's Official website

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