April 5, 2011

Waterworld Live Stunts in Universal Studios Singapore

Got to see Waterworld in Universal Studios Singapore! This is one of the best shows in Universal Studios Singapore. It has live stunts and gunfire. It's like watching a live action movie. The actors are great and their props are very real. They even have real explosions where I can feel the heat of the flames even when I'm 12 rows behind. I was just smiling the whole time I watched it.
Outside the Waterworld Attraction
Be Ready to Get Wet at Waterworld
Audience being sprayed with water by one of the waterworld performers
You better bring extra shirts. At the front where they have their splash zones, they have the right to throw water at you. Literally throw a bucket of water. Before the show started they have some actors posing as bad guys and threatening the audience. They have this water guns and they shoot at anyone who's in the splash zone. It was so fun to watch. I didn't seat on the splash zone because I don't have an extra shirt. But it would have been fun to get wet. 

Here's a video of how they will get you wet. 

Action scenes and explosions of Waterworld
 Here's a scene from the show. I don't want to spoil anything to you so I'll just show a short clip. 

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