May 31, 2011

Korean Village Restaurant Yakiniku

If you love yakiniku then Korean Village Restaurant is for you! I've been here 3 times and I still want to eat there again and again. The place is owned by a Korean lady with a Filipino husband. You would see her at the restaurant everyday. 
Korean Village Restaurant Building in Malate, Manila
We were around 20 people when we ate there and the service was great. We ordered lots of food and cooked chicken and beef. 
Tables at the front of the Restaurant
Korean Village Restaurant Grill
Started to cook. So hungry!
When grilling you have to check the heat. Put it on low or medium settings. If it's too hot the meat will burn before its even cooked causing the grill pan to turn black and dirty. As instructed by the waiter, you should cook at the middle.
Grilling Chicken and Beef
Cooked Chicken
Aside from grilling, we also ordered other dish on their menu. And they all tasted great. What I liked the most was the open lumpia.
Pachun Php150
Bibimbap Rice Php180
ChopChae Php180
Ginseng Chicken Php450
Open Lumpia Php500
After eating the waiter offered us Korean ice cream. My favorite is the ice cream sandwich! You can also buy these at some supermarkets. 
BingGrae Korean Ice Cream
BingGrae Korean Ice Cream Sandwich
Make sure to bring an extra shirt because you'll really smell bad after you get out of the restaurant.

Korean Village Price per Meal:
Php400 - Php600

How to get to Korean Village Restaurant:
566 J. Nakpil Street, Malate, Manila, Philippines

Contact Information:
(02)5221902 / (02)5244958

What time does Korean Village Restaurant open: 
Not really sure. Better to call the restaurant.

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