May 31, 2011

Philippine Airlines Business Class Flight from Manila to Japan

This was my first time to visit Japan and my first time to fly in business class. First thing to remember in flying business class is that you don't have to fall in line. Great if you don't want to go to the airport early. But if you don't go to the airport early you would have less time to enjoy PAL's business class lounge.
PAL's Mabuhay Business Class Lounge Entrance

Philippine Airlines or PAL offer buffet of food and drinks. Upon checking in, you should ask for the business class lounge passes. Sometimes if you don't ask for them, they tend to forget to mention it and don't offer the passes. Enjoy the food, drinks and free wi-fi and computer access. They have several desktops that you can use with high-speed internet connection.
Inside PAL's Business Class Lounge
Boarding our Flight to Japan
Now while in flight. Take note that we did fly a newer plane so the gadgets or electronics is far better than the old ones as my brother in law describes. What's the benefit of flying business class? The seats! The business class seats are spacious and big compared to regular/economy seats. An huge man can still be comfortable with these seats. The seats have various features, somewhat like a lazyboy. You can recline it all you want until it straights out like a bed. So comfortable!
Business Class Seats
Each seat has its own small TV. Luckily we're in front so ours were a bit different and closer than others. Each seat has its own entertainment systems. You can play games via the controller attached on to the seats. You can watch movies with the options of rewind and fast forward, great for shorter flights. Movies are up to date, maybe 2-3 months old movies are most likely to be available.
Choosing what movie to Watch
Play Invasion and other video games
Many say that business class food is awesome. And it is. Our appetizer was a small octopus. At first I was hesitant to eat the food. The flight attendant really wanted me to eat it and was very convincing. So I took a bite but only on the tentacles. She asked "Sarap?" and I said Yes, but I lied of course. Our main dish was shrimp and scallops, fish and beef. All tasted great! Felt like I was on a 5 star hotel. They also offer fresh juices and Wine.
Appetizer: Mini Octopus with Wine
Shrimp and Scallops with Smoked Salmon
Fish Fillet with Japanese Rice
Tender Beef with Potatoes
Our flight to Japan took around 3 to 4 hours so flying in business class was really worth it. You'll sure to be relax and pampered.

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Chyng said...

She asked "Sarap?" and I said Yes, but I lied of course.
- panalo! =))

Flying thru business class is awesome! Parang kulang ang 4hour flight to Japan to enjoy the ride (and the food!)

Unknown said...

wahaha she wouldn't leave me and my sister until we ate that octopus! Imagine me wanting to throw up and smiling at the same time..^_^

Stephina Suzzane said...

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