May 10, 2011

Sambo Kojin Yakiniku Smokeless Grill Eastwood Libis

Sambo Kojin is an eat-all-you-can smokeless grill restaurant. I loved eating at Sambo! After the success of Yakimix restaurant I was wondering who would join the eat-all-you-can smokeless grill craze.Sambo Kojin is conveniently located at Eastwood City. It has two floors which the first floor serves as the waiting area. The place is clean and has simple interiors.
Sambo Kojin Now Open Signboard at Somethin' Fishy
Sambo Kojin Yakiniku Smokeless Grill
They have a short buffet table but still offers wide variety of meat. They also have cooked japanese food at the end of the buffet table.
Sambo Kojin Restaurant Interior

What I love about the Japanese Buffet, it has lots of sushi and maki choices. I tried each one and tasted great.
Some of the Maki Choices at Sambo Kojin

The meat and seafood was great specially the beef.
Sambo Kojin's Smokeless Grill
Raw Meat ready for Grilling
Don't forget to order the rice. It's part of the buffet but not displayed so you have to ask the waiter for it.

Asked the waiter for the Kamamechi Rice
I would say Sambo Kojin is way better that Yakimix. It has better food, ambience, service and cleaner.
Sambo Kojin Sauces
Sambo Kojin is huge, but I still recommended to have a reservation first before going there. We had a hard time trying to make a reservation. When we called the EDSA branch a week before our intended date, they said that they do not accept reservations. But when we called again on the day itself, they said that they were fully booked. We were really pissed. We tried calling the Eastwood branch and they said that they only accept reservations for 5:30pm. So we accepted and finally got to eat there. So I suggest call in advance and demand that they accept your reservation.
Part of Eastwood City Where Sambo Kojin is Located
Sambo Kojin Prices: 
Lunch (Mon to Fri) P 495 *Special Price except for Holidays
Lunch (Sat & Sun) P 595 
Dinner (Mon to Sun) P 595 
For children-  P 295 
Left Over Charge is P100

How to get to Sambo Kojin Yakiniku Smokeless Grill
Located at Eastwood,Libis behind Somethin' Fishy

Contact Information:
Eastwood Citywalk, Bagumbayan, Quezon City
421-0145 to 46
EDSA, Greenhills, Mandaluyong City
726-4466 or 726-4520

What time does Sambo Kojin open:
Lunch (Mon-Sun) : 11 am – 2 pm
Dinner (Mon-Thur) : 6 pm – 10 pm
Dinner (Fri-Sun) : 5:30 pm – 10 pm


Chyng said...

between vikings and sambo, i would prefer sambo! haha mura na, masarap pa! =)

Unknown said...

Yes! Sambo Sambo Sambo!^_^ I'll try the EDSA branch next..