June 6, 2011

Holiday at Tokyo Disneyland Japan

Got to travel to Tokyo Disneyland! We were really frustrated that we only got to try 3 attractions after a whole day at Tokyo Disneyland. Imagine we had to wait in line for 2 to 3 hours for just one ride! Nevertheless we still enjoyed being there as a family even in the freezing cold. I said to myself, never will I go to Disneyland on a holiday!
View from the parking area of Tokyo Disneyland and Disneyland Hotel

We went to Tokyo Disneyland via private car. The driver was really nice and can speak English pretty well.We encountered heavy traffic but luckily the driver knows some shortcuts. We arrived at Tokyo Disneyland around 9:30am which should have been earlier. 
Our private van in Tokyo Disneyland Parking Lot
Disneyland Train seen on the Parking Area
At first we thought that there was few people coming because there were few cars in their huge parking lot. We thought wrong. There were lots of visitors already inside and the entrance is getting crowded. But we didn't care. There were lots of Disney characters walking around but there were long lines so we weren't able to take photos with them.
Main Entrance of Tokyo Disneyland
As to most Disneyland Theme Parks, upon entering you'll see lots of souvenir and food shops. The call this the World Bazaar. This is were most shops and restaurants are located. But that's for later. At the end of the shops a Japanese band was performing. 
Tokyo Disneyland World Bazaar (Shops)
Japanese Band Performing at the Entrance
Falling in Line for 170 minutes for the Space Mountain Ride
I'm not exaggerating when I say, the place was so crowded! There was so many people in Tokyo Disneyland that day. Mostly where local Japanese. So we went straight to bigger rides, first was Space Mountain. We waited three hours in line just for our first ride. Unbelievable right?
Space Mountain at Tomorrowland
170 minutes Standby time for Space Mountain
Long lines at Space Mountain Tokyo Disneyland
The weather was really cold that day. It was fine when we were moving. But when we were falling in line and the line moves a few inches at a time, we were really freezing. We bought churos and pizza to help us warm up a bit. 
Pizza tasted great in freezing temperatures
Finally when we were about to reach the doors of the building, there was a sign of relief. Not! Tokyo Disneyland was really good at hiding long lines. From the doors of the building to the ride itself took us around 60 minutes. Comparing Space Mountain of Tokyo to Hong Kong Disneyland, HK Disneyland's is better.
Inside Space Mountain Ride of Tokyo Disneyland
Lunch Time
We were really tired waiting in line for a long time so we decided to have our lunch. We had some burgers, fried chicken and a mickey mouse pancake.
Food Counter at Tokyo Disneyland
Mickey Mouse Pancake
While waiting for our food, I saw a Japanese girl wearing unique/cute shorts. Lol. 
Japanese Girl Pink Short Shorts
Another Long Wait at Big Thunder Mountain Ride
This ride is located at westernland. Me and my brother in law were the only one who were willing to wait long again falling in line. When we got to the ride it was already night. Again after entering the building, you'll have to wait for 1 hour to get to the ride itself.
Started to fall in line
View from top after falling in line for 90 minutes
Other Attractions and Sights of Tokyo Disneyland
We weren't really able to try everything because of the long waiting time for each attraction so just took pictures whenever I can. 
Haunted House at Tokyo Disneyland
Trees made to look like monsters
Tired and still walking to the next ride
Nice landscape with man made river
Little waterfalls behind the Fast Food Restaurant
Huge Square like Trees
Star Jet Rocket Ride
Going Home
We were tired and most of us didn't want to fall in line again so we went home early and called the driver to pick us up 8pm. Before going home I tried the arcade in the World Bazaar. Won some cute key-chains in an Iron Claw and bought some souvenir medallions.
Disney Souvenir Medallion
Iron Claw Key-chains
Night View of Restaurant near World Bazaar

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Chyng said...

Im a fan of Disney(land)!
Would surely go here too (but avoid the holidays) para madaming matry na rides!

Unknown said...

Avoid holidays and even weekends..! But don't know if their number of visitors are affected after the Earthquake and Fukushima Nuclear Disaster..:(