June 10, 2011

Joe's Shanghai Restaurant at Sunshine 60 Tokyo

This is one of the most expensive Chinese restaurants I have ever eaten. I didn't actually feel that the food was different or tasted better. It tasted like any other Chinese restaurant here in the Philippines. But the view was awesome. I guess that's what you pay for.
Entrance and waiting area of the Restaurant
I'm not really sure if this is a fine dining restaurant but base on the price I guess it is. There are other restaurants on the 59th floor of the Sunshine 60 Building. But this was the most common we could find. The other restaurant was just too Japanese. I think Sushi is considered fine dining so the other Japanese restaurants' menu are full of sushi and the likes.
Elevator at the 59th floor of Sunshine 60
We waited for a while because we wanted to have a window seat. Why would we pay for an expensive meal without a view of Tokyo's skyline. So when we were guided to our table, I rushed to the window and I saw the most amazing view of Tokyo. I'm a fan of Japanese animations or Anime. Some Animes shows Tokyo's skyline with those blinking red lights on top. And when I saw the view, it was like watching an Anime on TV.
View from Joe's Shanghai Restaurant at Sunshine 60 Tokyo, Japan
View from Joe's Shanghai Restaurant at Sunshine 60 Tokyo, Japan
View from Joe's Shanghai Restaurant at Sunshine 60 Tokyo, Japan
The Food
Really busy looking at the view so wasn't able to take photos of our orders. Lol. The food was great and well presented. They have English speaking servers so it was very convenient for us. Being Chinese, I didn't find anything special with the food. It tasted the same as any other well known Chinese restaurants here in the Philippines. I did however love the Tofu Soup. Don't know what it was called but it tasted great and feels very light. Not so extra ordinary food, very very expensive and has great view.
Yummy Tofu Soup
Tasty Wrapped Duck
Joe's Shanghai Restaurant Price per Meal:
Y4000 to Y8000 roughly Php2000 to Php4000

How to get to Joe's Shanghai Restaurant:
3-1-1 Toshima-ku, Higashi Ikebukuro, 59th floor, Sunshine 60 Building

Contact Information:

What time does Joe's Shanghai Restaurant open: 
Not really sure. But they close very late.

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