July 16, 2011

Birthday at Mesa Restaurant Tomas Morato

Mesa Tomas Morato is one of the newest branches of Mesa Restaurants. Mesa offers Filipino dishes and is well-known for its Cripchon or crispy lechon. Mesa Tomas Morato offers small function rooms which is ideal for small family gatherings or company dinners. 
Front door of Mesa Tomas Morato
I was looking for a restaurant to treat my family for my birthday. At first I was going to choose Cerchio, which is also in Tomas Morato. But Mesa offered a function room for 10 people, which was just right for us since we were 8.
Mesa Restaurant at Tomas Morato
Mesa Menu at Tomas Morato
I wanted a function room because I like things to be quiet and private. But of course there was a required Php4,000 pesos worth of food to be ordered. This is negotiable depending on the server who will assist you. We took our order in advance so when we got there, our orders will automatically be prepared.
Mesa Function Room Ceiling made from Bamboo Art

What we ordered at Mesa
I think I ordered too much. We were only 8 but my orders was good for 12 people. Some of the dishes had big servings like the Hito, tilapia and crispy pata. The best dish I liked was the Sisig in a pouch. Overall the food was ok but it was too greasy. But that was my fault since most of my orders were fried. Most of the best dishes on their menu is fried. So try to avoid ordering too many fried dishes like I did. Add some soup, vegetables or saucy dishes. 

Sisig in a Pouch - Php180
Tinapa Roll Wrapped in Lettuce - Php145
Shrimp Cake(Not Sure) - Php220
Main Course
I ordered Tinapa Rice and Bagoong Rice, but I suggest ordering plain rice instead if you ordered lots of food. For me the food would taste better with plain rice.
Tinapa or Bagoong Rice - Php150
Crispy Boneless Tilapia - Php290
Hito Ala Pobre - Php320
Seafood Pasta(Not Sure) - Php165
Crispy Boneless Pata - Php440
Crispchon or Crispy Lechon is Mesa's specialty. It's expensive but just had to try it. We ordered 1/4, which was just enough for us 8. They serve it in two ways. One with the skin wrapped in pandan. The other is fried and was very tender. Mesa offers serving choices of 
  • 1/6 Php799
  • 1/4 Php1,099
  • Half Php1,999
  • Whole Php3,999.00
Crispchon before it was served
Crispchon prepared in front of our Table
Lechon Skin Wrapped in Pandan
Served Lechon Skin Wrapped in Pandan
Since it was my birthday, Mesa treated me with a complimentary Sticky Rice with candle on top. 
Complimentary Sticky Rice

Mesa Restaurant Price per Meal:
Php400 - Php600

How to get to Mesa Tomas Morato:
264 Tomas Morato cor. Sct. Fernandez, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Contact Information of Mesa Restaurant:
Mesa Tomas Morato (02) 441-5197
Mesa Greenbelt 5 (02) 728-0886
Mesa SM Megamall Atrium (02) 470-4660

What time does Mesa Tomas Morato open: 
Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday:  11:00 am - 12:00 mn
Tuesday:  11:00 am - 11:00 pm
Friday, Saturday:  11:00 am - 1:00 am

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we loved the crab with salted egg sauce! yum! :)