July 18, 2011

Cirque Du Soleil Varekai at Manila

Got to watch Cirque du Soleil Varekai. This was my first time to watch a production of Cirque du Soleil and my first time to watch a show like this one. Cirque du Soleil in English means "Circus of the Sun". At first glance, you would marvel at their Grand Chapiteau with its bright yellow and blue colors. The show is spectacular and my jaw dropped with every breathtaking stunt. Expensive but worth it.
Cirque Du Soleil Grand Chapiteau

Outside Cirque Du Soleil Grand Chapiteau
After entering the main entrance, there is a big open space. There you can take nice pictures of the Grand Chapiteau (Tent). If you didn't have time to buy online, you can purchase tickets on-site. There's a food shop both outside and inside the Grand Chapiteau, so don't hurry to buy food.
On Site Ticket Booth
Cirque du Soleil Logo
Entrance to Gates 1, 3, 5 and 7
Food Shop Outside the Tent

Inside Cirque Du Soleil Grand Chapiteau
They have beautiful light projections at the ceiling. Numerous Varekai posters are scattered for guests to take pictures with. There are two food shops on both sides. They have a many restrooms/laboratories on both sides, and very clean I might add. They even have a souvenir shop inside.
Chapiteau Ceiling
Chapiteau Ceiling
Food Shop Inside the Chapiteau
Restrooms, Comfort rooms or Laboratory
Second Entrance to the Seats

Varekai Performances
One thing to know is that they don't allow photography or video recording inside while performing or not. They are very strict but I manage to get one blurry shot of the stage. Nina of justwandering.org was nice enough to allow me to use some of her images. Remember that they do not allow late comers. If you're late then they would not let you in. 

We were so lucky that there were few people watching on the day we were there. The management offered us the premium seats, when we only bought level 1 tickets. Very lucky indeed.
Quick Shot of the Stage
The first part was the best. The falling angel stunt was amazing and not to mention very scary. One part is where the artist with his bare hands wrapped his body with the rope upwards. Then at the very top dropping himself very fast, just stopping few inches from the ground. 
Falling Angel (justwandering.org)
Another amazing performance was the guys in red. An artist puts his feet on the others butt then he rolls him like a ball and throws him up in the air, yet the artist still manages to land on his feet. My mouth was open while I was watching this. Nina calls it the Icarian Games, I just call it the butt roll.
Artist throws another up in the air after rolling him several times (justwandering.org)
One of the cutest performances of the night was these three kids. At first glance, I thought that they wouldn't do anything amazing. After few minutes on their performance, one them suddenly threw what they were holding so high and still manages to catch it. Amazing what a small kid can do. 
Three adorable kids performing an Amazing Stunt (justwandering.org)

Cirque Du Soleil - Varekai Price per Person:
Problem with Cirque Du Soleil's online ticketing system is that you can't really choose where to seat. It generates the next random seat available. So if you want a center seat, you have to refresh the page once in a while until you get the seat you want. 
Varekai Online Ticket
Ticket Prices are as follows:
Tuesday to Friday:
Tapis Rouge - Adult-P10500 / Children-P8500
Premium - Adult-P6500 / Children-P5500
Level 1 - Adult-P4900 / Children-P4200
Level 2 - Adult-P3800 / Children-P3200
Level 3 - Adult-P2700 / Children-P2300
Friday Eve to Sunday Evening:
Tapis Rouge - Adult-P10500 / Children-P8500
Premium - Adult-P7600 / Children-P6500
Level 1 - Adult-P5500 / Children-P4700
Level 2 - Adult-P4400 / Children-P3700
Level 3 - Adult-P3300 / Children-P2800

*Children - 2 to 12 years old
*Free Passes - Children under 2 years old, but must be seated with their parent

How to get to Cirque Du Soleil Manila:
Blue and yellow Grand Chapiteau (Tent) across the Quirino Grandstand, One Rizal Park, Roxas Blvd., Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines
Cirque du Soleil Grand Chapiteau

Contact Information and Schedule: 
Limited performances on June 22 to July 24, 2011
(+632) 881.09.47
(+632) 775.09.39
website: www.hoopla.ph  
Cirque du Soleil
(+632) 669-2222 (I tried calling this number but no one seems to be answering)
1800-1-888-6692 (toll free within Philippine)
e-mail: tickets@bo.cirquedusoleil.com
website: www.cirquedusoleil.com


nina said...

I want to watch it again!

Unknown said...

Yeah! Someone told me that there would be another performance in Manila after Cirque du Soleil. This time a Chinese group. Forgot the name of the group..:)