July 15, 2011

Japanese Food in Tokyo, Japan

Walking around Tokyo, you would see that Japan has a rich culture with food. They have a strong taste for their own food. Most of the restaurants I saw was Japanese restaurants. One thing I noticed is that most restaurant has fake food displays in front of their establishment. The fake food display are called "sampuru," meaning "sample." 
Japanese Fake Food Displays known as Sampuru(Sample)
Sampuru is a common practice for Japanese restaurants and can very convenient to us tourist. Specially since that many Japanese don't speak English. We always had trouble communicating with servers/waiters so better if the menu of the restaurant have pictures so you can just point what you like.

Alpa Shopping Center
Alpa Shopping Center is located at Sunshine City, just beside our hotel. At the 3rd level there are a lot of restaurants. Some closes at 9pm, don't know why they close so early. We had trouble choosing which restaurant to have dinner since almost all of them were closing. We tried this noodle house which I forgot what it was called. The waitress was really nice but had trouble communicating with us because she didn't speak English that well. At the end we just use sign language and we somehow understood each other. 
Alpa Shopping Center Restaurant List
Curry Noodles with Japanese Rice
Clear Soup Noodles

This is a fine dining restaurant at the top of Sunshine 60 building, then was the tallest building in Tokyo. This is one of the most expensive Chinese restaurants I have ever eaten.  The view of Tokyo skyline was breathtaking. More on our Dinner at Joe's Shanghai Restaurant.
View of Tokyo Skyline from Joe's Shanghai Restaurant

Sunshine City Prince Hotel Breakfast Buffet
We spent 3 days in Tokyo so we had our buffet breakfast 3 times at Prince Hotel. The first time we loved the food. The buffet had few choices on their main dishes but they did have other things to choose from. Like lugaw, soup, cereals, fresh juice and milk etc. But the 2nd and 3rd they served the same thing. I guess they don't usually change their menu. But I really loved their bacon and sausages. Ate a lot of those. 
Sunshine City Prince Hotel Breakfast Buffet Table
Sunshine City Prince Hotel Breakfast Buffet
Yummy Bacon and Sausage

Denny's Fast Food Restaurant
Was curious with Denny's Fast Food because I kept seeing this restaurant. It's like Jollibee here where it's a direct competitor of McDonalds. So we tried to eat there. The place was so crowded, so I thought that Denny's is really that good. When we got our food, I lost my appetite. The plates and utensils were greasy and had a strong smell on them. The food was not that good and tasted unhealthy. I don't for other branches but the we ate in which is near Sunshine City was awful.
Denny's Fast Food Restaurant near Sunshine City

Restaurant Somewhere in Roppongi
Again I forgot the name of the restaurant. One of my favorite Japanese dish is Gyoza, but it didn't taste that good in this restaurant. The Bacon Ham was so small. Wished we ate at Pepper Lunch instead. 
Restaurant Menu
Sizzling Bacon Ham
Hard to Chew Gyoza

More Food
I saw this fast food, they have a vending machine where you can choose food from. Then once you press the button it will automatically send your order to the kitchen. Then they will just call you and you can eat your order. Convenient, fast and very cheap. Actually the cheapest food I saw there. Wasn't able to take a photo of it but it's like a small restaurant with a vending machine outside for their menu. 
Vending Machine at the Narita Airport
Vending machines are common in the streets of Tokyo. You could see a vending machine in every corner. I bought this milk tea in a convenient store and I love it. Cold and refreshing. 
Milk Tea Sweet and Zero
For pasalubong I bought different flavors of KitKat. They even have wasabi and green tea flavor KitKat.
Strawberry, Dark Chocolate, Soda, Wasabi and Green Tea Flavor KitKat

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