July 14, 2011

Short Visit to Asakusa Temple at Tokyo

Our morning tour of Tokyo includes a short visit to Asakusa Temple. Since it was January 1st, the place was so crowded. I got to pray at several shrines. One spot is where you would put smoke on your forehead and another spot is where you throw money, which I didn't bother to ask why. 
Asakusa Temple

People Getting Smoke for their Foreheads
People throwing Money at Asakusa Temple
Pagoda in Asakusa Temple
Not sure, I think Death Gods
Inside the temple's compound, there are lots of souvenir shops and food stalls. There you would see various Japanese street foods. We tried the Dango and Takoyaki.
Shops at Asakusa Temple
Authentic Takoyaki Squid
Japanese Street Food Dango
While on our way out I saw this kid playing on the dirt. Funny, the parents didn't seem to care. I also saw a closer view of the Tokyo Sky Tree which is the new Tokyo Tower.
Kid Playing on the Ground
Cute Japanese Bus
Tokyo Sky Tree

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