August 31, 2011

Bite Club Grilled Burgers at D-Mall Boracay

Bite Club Grilled Burgers is one of the few places in Boracay that serves juicy burgers. Not your ordinary fastfood burgers, they have the best burgers in Boracay. Bite Club became famous because of positive reviews from both loyal and first time customers.
Bite Club Grilled Burgers
Bite Club Burgers' give their customers the choice on how they want their burger. First, customers choose the type of burger. Their are basically 3 types of burgers. The regular burger, mozzarella burger and chicken burger. Each has its own size options. After customers can choose a topping to complete the burger. Here are some of the best toppings: Mushroom Pepper Gravy,Blue Cheese Cream, Cheddar Cheese Cream and Hickory Smoked Barbeque Sauce. 
Bite Club Grilled Burgers Menu
They have the Triple X burger which is a 1 pound all beef burger Pattie cost around Php380. They say this is the biggest burger in the island. I was suppose to order this and share it with my girlfriend since this was good for 2-3 persons. But sadly the triple x was out of stock.
Waiting for our orders
I ordered the following burgers:
Club Burger - Php150
(1/3lb. all beef) with Hickory Smoked Barbeque Sauce
Burgurella - Php170
(1/3lb. mozzarella stuffed burger) with Mushroom Pepper Gravy
Burgurella with Mushroom Pepper Gravy Split in half
Flavored Club Fries - Php85
The burger and fries tasted great. Not your ordinary fast food burger yet very affordable. I'll definitely eat here again.

Bite Club Grilled Burgers Price per Person:

How to get to Bite Club Grilled Burgers:
D'Mall, Station 2, Boracay Island, Boracay, Aklan, Philippines

Bite Club Grilled Burgers Contact Information:
63-36-288-5947 (Delivery available anywhere in Boracay)

What time does Bite Club Grilled Burgers open:
Not listed

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i♥pinkc00kies said...

i like it here!! sayang i havent tried their branch in manila.