August 2, 2011

Choi Garden Seafood Restaurant near Greenhills

Choi Garden Seafood Restaurant has been around for years now and I remember eating there on its first year, the place was jam-packed and many were waiting. This being my 4th time eating here, I noticed that the place still has lots of customers, though fewer people waiting but the place is still full. The food is still great and Choi Garden is always a nice place too hang out with the whole family.
Choi Garden Seafood and Shark's Fin Restaurant Signage
Choi Garden seems small outside but it's quite big. The restaurant is filled with red lights during night and it really tells you that it is a Chinese restaurant.  I noticed in Choi Garden during a weekend dinner is that usually there are body guards posted outside the restaurant. 3 out of 4 time I've been there, I see body guards sitting outside the restaurant. I guess Choi Garden is popular to politicians and the elite.
Choi Garden Exterior

Choi Garden's interior offers a cozy dimmed lighted dining.  They have small tables at the front that's great for dates or group of fours. The have round tables for traditional family feasts and long rectangular tables. They also have private function rooms for private gatherings.
Choi Garden Round Tables
Choi Garden Rectangular Tables

The Food
As most of Chinese restaurants we had our peanuts while waiting for our orders. I didn't actually get to see what my parents ordered so I'll just guess or improvise names.  For our starters we had cold cut combination and some siomai because my niece loves them. Followed by our main courses.
Free Peanuts
Cold Cut Combination
Dim-sum Siomai
I really don't know this one
Fried Prawn with Garlic Flakes
Yang Chow Fried Rice
Peking Duck One Way Wrap
Peking Duck One Way Skin
Dry Noodle with Vegetable Topping
Broccoli with Abalone
Our table was full so the Soup Pot was placed here
Maybe Squid Soup?
Fried Crab with Salt and Pepper
Minced Duck with Lettuce Wrap
Taro Balls
Lots of food right? We were only 8 eating this much food. Lastly we had our desserts. We had Mango Sago and Hot Taho. I love Choi Garden's Mango Sago because they use mango shake instead of mango juice. And their taho so yummy! We always order these two desserts when we eat here.
Sago of the Mango Sago hehe
Yummy Hot Taho
Choi Garden Take Out Plastic Bag

More on Choi Garden
They have aquariums where you can choose your fresh seafood same as any other Chinese restaurants in the country. They have this huge lobster, which I assume is very expensive. They also have sea mantis inside bottles. It's very disturbing to see that they are grown inside a bottle and can't really move. Animal cruelty? I really don't like this treatment. My dad says that this is to prevent them from fighting each other. They also have push buttons on the table to call for waiters, which you wouldn't need because they do have good service there. 
Huge Lobster
Sea Mantis in Bottles / Very Cruel
Waiter Buttons

Choi Garden Price per Person:
You can also order the set menu which ranges to Php10,000 up to Php24,000

How to get to Choi Garden Seafood Restaurant San Juan:
12 Annapolis St. cor. Purdue St., San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines

Choi Garden Contact Information:
(632) 727-6042 ; (632) 727-7489

What time does Choi Garden Open:
Monday to Saturday: 10:30 am - 2:30 pm and 5:30 pm - 10:30 pm
Sunday: 10:30 am - 10:30 pm

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