August 31, 2011

Cook Korean Restaurant at D-Mall Boracay

Cook Korean Restaurant is a cozy little restaurant in Dmall Boracay. They have a very affordable menu and welcoming staff. They were about to close yet they still entertained us. Good food, affordable and has cozy interior, works for me.
Cook Korean Restaurant

Cook's interior is filled with scribbles and quotations. The color orange and white is very pleasing on the eyes and very relaxing.

Cook Korean Restaurant Interior
Nice quotation on Cook's Wall
We were not that hungry so we weren't really able to order much. As to any Korean restaurants, they give you free kimchi and some other stuff. They also have metal chopsticks which is also common with Korean restaurants. The food tasted ok and served well and clean. Except for the noodle soup which tasted like lucky me. The feel of the place is just so relaxing too me.
Kimchi and others
Bulgogi with Rice
Noodles, Tasted like lucky me noodles
A must try restaurant. The food and ambiance is just right. Not to mention the food is very affordable.

Cook Korean Restaurant Price per Person:

How to get to Cook Korean Restaurant:
D' Mall, Station 2, Boracay Island, Boracay, Aklan, Philippines

Cook Korean Restaurant Contact Information:
Not Listed

What time does Cook Korean Restaurant open:
Not Listed

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Unknown said...

i love korean food.. it would be nice to know the prices.. been looking for a nice place to eat when i go to bora this December.

Unknown said...

sorry I forgot the prices..:( But their menu is very affordable.. Price range is just around Php150 to Php250..:) Have a Bora Christmas!^_^

Sashi said...

I love bulgogi! too bad i haven't tasted the bbibimbap... sa mga korean dramas, movies and variety shows ko palang siya napapanood. T__T

pero affordable naman ang prices nila ah...infairness!

haha! lucky me noodles w/ egg?

Anonymous said...

Tried it and its not the best of my food experiences, yeah their food is affordable but I ordered a samgyeopsal meal and only get three side dishes plus I need to ask for garlic. I Love Korean food but their servings just stumbled my tastebuds.