August 31, 2011

Gasthof Cafe Lei at Boracay Island

Gasthof Cafe Lei is a German grill restaurant in Boracay. Gasthof is said to be famous for their baby back ribs. As it was also stated on their sign board "home of Boracay's famous baby back ribs." 
Gasthof Cafe Lei
The interior isn't really that appealing. At first glance you would think that it looks like a canteen. When you look at their menu the food will seem pricey but they do have huge servings and can be shared by two.
Gasthof has famous ribs, maybe, but delicious? not really. Although the meat is tender I found the taste too ordinary. It tasted like those regular barbecue stick on the streets of manila. And it's a bit pricey.
Baby Back Ribs
The chicken was tender but I notice that they use the same sauce here and on the baby back ribs. So they almost tasted the same.
Chicken Barbecue
The liempo was the worst. I forgot what kind of liempo I ordered. The meat was full of fat parts. I think about 80% of it was fat. And the sauce used was also same as with the baby back ribs and chicken. They all tasted alike.
Fat Liempo
Just an ordinary pasta.
Gasthof Cafe Lei food is great for sharing and is affordable. But the ambiance of the place is boring and I find it cheap looking. The food we tried was not that good and mostly tasted the same. We weren't able to try out some German dishes which I think is also one of their specialties. But for the ribs, you can try Hawaiian Bar-B-Que's baby back ribs, it tastes better.

Gasthof Cafe Lei Price per Person:

How to get to Gasthof Cafe Lei:
D' Mall, Station 2, Boracay Island, Boracay, Aklan, Philippines

Gasthof Cafe Lei Contact Information:
Tel.: 63-36-2886473
PLDT Landline+: 6662227
Table Number and Tissue Holder

What time does Gasthof Cafe Lei open:
Not Listed

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Nina99 said...

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Unknown said...

The blog post was in german. I used google translate and somehow understood the post. So you mean the current gasthof boracay "Cafe Lei" is not owned and manage by the original owners anymore?