August 31, 2011

Hawaiian Bar-B-Que at Boracay Island

Hawaiian Bar-B-Que(Barbecue) Restaurant had their first branch in Boracay so I just have to eat there. I enjoyed dining at their Tagaytay Branch back in 2008. I remembered those yummy baby back ribs and mango chicken barbecue.
Hawiian Bar-B-Que Boracay Branch
I was not satisfied with the food at their Boracay branch. Or maybe I just expected too much? One thing I'm sure of is that the serving is quite smaller compared to the one I've eaten at Tagaytay. Not actually the serving, but the meat they use was way smaller. We ordered a full slab baby back ribs and comparing it to my half slab order at Tagaytay you can really see the difference. Still, I love their ribs. It was soft and tender and the meat easily comes off the bones. Yummy!
Full Slab Baby Back Ribs
For the chicken barbecue, not only it was small and thin, they even removed the mango which supposedly comes with the dish. I asked the waiter where's the mango and he answered that the mango is just for the menu and not really served. They should really change their menu if they will not serve the same thing. They even chopped the chicken into bits, which we didn't ask for. The chicken tasted different but the sauce is still awesome. 
Sun-Ripened Mango Chicken Barbeque
We also ordered clams or tahong. I wasn't able to taste it since I don't eat clams. 
Clams or Tahong
You can compare the dishes with my Hawaiian Bar-B-Que Tagaytay Post. Not to mention the food presentation at tagaytay is better.
Hawaiian Bar-B-Que(Barbecue) Price per Person:

How to get to Hawaiian Bar-B-Que(Barbecue) Boracay:
Station 1, Balabag, Boracay, Aklan, Philippines

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