August 30, 2011

Spiral Buffet at Sofitel Philippine Plaza

Years after Spiral opened at Sofitel, both the food and service are still great. Spiral offers a wide variety of international dishes and after eating here for numerous times, I still find it the best buffet restaurant in Metro Manila.
Spiral International Cuisine Buffet Restaurant
Although Spiral is the best in terms of food variety and quality, I still find it too expensive. I guess that's why they were able to maintain good quality service and food.

We were suppose to eat at the sunset bar at the pool side of Sofitel which offers barbeque dishes. But it was raining that night so all guests intended for Sunset Bar were transferred to Spiral with still the same price rate. So we got to eat at Spiral at a cheaper price since Sunset Bar costs only Php1950.

They have a very welcoming reception and makes sure you get to your seat as quickly as possible. Of course this only applies for those who have reservations. Spiral has many staff to assist guests. Just raise your hand and be sure to have a server beside you in just seconds.
Spiral Reception
Interior and Tables
Spiral is big and has different sections. They have tables for dates, family and business meetings. They also offer a number of private rooms. Being in a 5-star hotel, the place is very clean and well lighted.
View of Spiral from Sofitel Lobby
Stairs near Spiral reception
Spiral Medium Group Tables
Couch Tables
Family Table
Square tables for small groups
Fountain with light
Bar Tables Near Chinese Section

Spiral Food
There are lots of food choices at Spiral. They make sure than all the buffet tables are refilled quickly. But they did have trouble refilling those grill stations. I love their appetizer sections. I always eat a plate of salad at Spiral. Near the salad, they have a pasta station where you can request to the cook how your pasta is served.
Salad Section
 Not so many choices at the sushi and maki sections. I find them very ordinary both in taste and presentation.
Sushi and Maki
There's one section dedicated just for oysters. Not really a fan of oysters, but I'm sure oyster lovers would love this. 
At the Japanese section, they were slow refilling the tempura. Customers usually wait for few minutes for it to be refilled.
Japanese Fried Dishes
At the Chinese section, a must try is the Xiao Long Bao and the Hakao. The Xiao Long Bao is the dimsum with very tasty water inside. It's hard to eat while hot since the wrap is very sensitive. The Hakao is basically a shrimp in a soft wrap. When available, these two are the first to be emptied. 
This is where they cook the Indian foods like kebabs.
The grill section is really in demand in Spiral. Of all the sections, the grill is always the toughest section to get food. The lines are long during peak hours and waiting time is around 10-15 min. Here are some of the food choices available at Spiral.
Grill Station for Beef, Pork, Lamb and Fish
Just love the dessert at Spiral. They have a long buffet table for desserts. They have wide variety of cakes and fruits. They have 3 flavors of sweet fountains, chocolate, vanilla and green tea. The have a crepe station and ice cream sections. They have halo halo and candies sections. They even have gummy worms. But they didn't have Taho, which is my favorite.
Long Dessert Section

Spiral Buffet Price per Person:
Here is the detailed buffet rates/prices of Spiral and Sunset Bar. It's a bit complicated so I made a table. Note that 13 year old and above is considered as an adult. Prices are net inclusive of 12% VAT(Tax).

Spiral Adult 7-12 years old 6 years old and below
Monday to Friday 1535.31   50% off FREE
Saturday and Sunday 1780.96   50% off FREE

Monday to Saturday 2073.29   50% off FREE
Sunday Brunch 2687.41   50% off FREE

Monday to Thursday 2318.94   50% off FREE
Friday to Sunday 2687.41   50% off FREE

Sunset Bar Adult 7-12 years old 6 years old and below
Monday to Sunday Ala Carte   N/A N/A

Monday to Sunday Ala Carte   N/A N/A

Sunday to Thursday Ala Carte   N/A N/A
Friday and Saturday 1950   50% off FREE

Accor Advantage Plus Card Members also gets a one plus one deal which is like a 50% discount when members eat at Spiral or Sunset Bar.
Accor Advantage Plus Discount

How to get to Sofitel Philippine Plaza:
Sofitel Philippine Plaza, CCP Complex Roxas Boulevard Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Spiral and Sofitel Contact Information:
(632)5515555 / (632)5515610

What time does Spiral open:
Spiral Buffet (International)
Open daily : 6:00am - 12:00 Midnight
Sunset Bar (Barbecue)
Open daily : 4:00pm - 10:00pm (Closed if there is heavy rain) 


Unknown said...

nice.. i'll always love spiral.. imho, best hotel buffet in the country.. lamb chops are the best!

Unknown said...

I agree.. the best..^_^

Marie Ibiza said...

Very nice post! Spiral is indeed the best buffet in Manila. I am just glad that it will re-open sometime this November. I saw in Facebook that they are running a photo contest. You guys maybe interested to join, you may access the page here: Cheers!

Anonymous said...

"The Xiao Long Bao is the dimsum with very tasty water inside." The "very tasty water" is called "stock"

Unknown said...

haha ok I'll take note of that word..:) Thanks!