September 20, 2011

Boracay ATV-Buggy Adventure

Not into water sports? Then maybe Boracay ATV Adventure is for you. Driving an ATV or All-Terrain-Vehicle is just awesome. You also have the option to drive two seater dune buggies. While on the ATV adventure you can also drop by an insect farm and the ocean tower which you can see an awesome view of the Boracay Island.
Boracay ATV (All-Terrain-Vehicle) Adventure
Price and Packages
We went their with an agent and he gave us Php400 per person rate for the 8 of us. I tried to ask the staff there for price rates but they were all unwilling to discuss price rates and said that only Boracay agents can discuss price rates with guests. I guess that's just how things work there.
Best Price/Rate: Php400++
Peak Price/Rate: Php600++

***FYI: Agents of any activities in Boracay usually offer higher prices to foreigners. So Better take note of the best rates for comparison. 

Why the ++? It's because in the ATV adventure you can opt to drop by the Insect farm and Ocean Tower for only Php50 entrance fee for each stop over. 

ATV or All-Terrain-Vehicles
The buggy costs almost double compared to ATVs since it's a two seater.
Two Seater Dune Buggies
The ATV adventure package is for 1 hour inclusive of the stopovers but exclusive of entrance fees. If you would go to both stopovers then you would have 30 minutes ATV driving, 15 minutes at the insect farm and 15 minutes at the ocean tower. 

The ATV Adventure
We were doubtful that the insect farm would be interesting and thought that it would be a waste of time. So we just spent 30 minutes at the Ocean Tower which was worth it since we got more time to take pictures and enjoy the scenery there.  
I expected an off-road experience with the ATVs but sadly there was none. We just drove uphill and downhill on cemented road. Nonetheless it was fun driving with friends. Though drivers should be cautious because cars pass by once in a while.
Cute Transformers Sculpture made from ATVs and Dune Buggies
Stairs to Ocean Tower
View of Boracay Golf Course from Ocean Tower
Boracay Beach View from Ocean Tower
Binoculars at Ocean Tower
On our way back it rained hard. We were stupid not to wear the raincoats the staff was offering before the tour started. We were so wet and our backs was full of dirt when we got back.

The road was really slippery that I had accident with the ATV. Us guys was fooling around when a friend in front of me suddenly stopped! I collided with his ATV. His back lights fell off and my ATV's headlights was barely holding on. Luckily the guide was in front and did not see us. We quickly separated and acted normally. We acted as if the damages were there before we started. LOL:) We were not caught. But we are very sorry for the incident and would be more careful next time.

The facility their also offers Go Karts and they have a mini race track. Go-kart rentals there costs around Php500 for just 15 minutes. We didn't try it cause it was raining hard and the track can be very slippery.
Boracay Go-Karts
Go Kart Race Track

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