September 19, 2011

Boracay Marine Walk - Reef Walking

Boracay Marine Walk or Reef walking is a must try attraction at Boracay Island. Nothing special to see underwater but the experience of walking underwater is very unique. At first I thought it was a waste of money, but once submerged, I really enjoyed it.
Reef / Marine Walking Helmets
We were referred to White Blue which offers Marine Walking. They only have 7 helmets but there were 8 of us. So we went underwater by 4s. The helmet was really heavy. It weighs around 50 pounds or more. But once under water it weighs like nothing. The water was really cold but you wouldn't notice it because of the excitement. The diver guides were really friendly and accommodating.
My girlfriend being guided down
The divers will teach you few sign languages for under water communication with them. This part is important since these sign languages is also used for emergencies and if you want to go up or you cannot breath. Once under water, it was hard to breath at first but after few seconds to adjust I could breath normally.
Me and my girlfriend saying Hi to each other
It was really fun feeding the fish. And there were lots of them. There was one kind of fish that was irritating and kept biting our skin. It felt like ant bites.
Lots of fish to feed
There were also starfish on the seabed. I didn't dare grab one but my friends did.
You can grab a Starfish, but of course you have to put it back
After the reef walking we went back to shore via their service boat.
Service boat back to shore
We didn't pay directly to White Blue. Since the owner of Diamond Water Sports referred us to White Blue, we gave the payment to them instead. They told us that you would be underwater for 30 minutes just for Php400, but actually it will be only 15 to 20 minutes. The package is inclusive with videos and photos underwater which will be sent to your hotel on a CD. Some marine walk companies have better underwater cameras for clearer photos and videos. Ours were a bit blurry. A friend got to try reef walking for only Php350 per head.

Company: White Blue (referred by Diamond Water Sports)
Maximum Capacity: 7 people per dive
Best Price: Php350 / 30 minutes
Peak Price: Php500 / 30 minutes

***FYI: Agents of any activities in Boracay usually offer higher prices to foreigners. So Better take note of the best rates for comparison.  

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