September 19, 2011

Boracay Water Sports and Activities

One of the must try at Boracay is their water sports and activities. We tried the jet-skis, flying fish and reef walking. All of our water activities was with or referred by Diamond Water Sports. Spent the whole morning there and had an awesome time.
All of us driving Jet-skis
We were fetched by their service vehicle and went to the other side of the Boracay Island.
Diamond Water Sports Service Vehicle
Take note that price or rates differ depending on season and how large is your group. We were 8 pax when we went to Boracay and it was in August. August is rainy season in the Philippines and considered as an off-peak season. 

Riding the jet-ski is one of the my favorite water sports. Of course it is also the most expensive. 30 minutes costs around Php2,000. Since we were there during off-peak season we were able to drop the price to Php1,600. It was still too expensive so what we did was 2 rode 1 jet-ski and each had 15 minutes driving time. A friend told me he once got it for Php1,500/30min. That's the best price I heard so far.
My friends having fun driving the Jet-ski
You can save time by interchanging at the middle of the sea rather than going back to the dock. Just be careful with your balance. It's a bit tricky when there is two heavy people moving around the jet-ski. 

Company: Diamond Water Sports
Maximum Capacity: 10 or more jet-skis
Best Price/Rate: Php1,500 / 30 minutes
Peak Price/Rate: Php2,000 / 30 minutes

FlyFish - Flying Fish 
We were really excited to try the flyfish or flying fish as the guides calls it. We got to try the flyfish for Php350 each. We were really holding tight even before it even started. After 5 rounds the driver still couldn't drop us. He said that we were too heavy since we were 5 guys. But we were convinced that we were just so good with our balancing. LOL:)
Boat starting to pull the flyfish boat
The girls really wanted us to fall off the flyfish so they requested the boat driver to try one more time. But we were still able to hold on. I think for larger groups it would be more fun to try the banana boat. With flying fish, 5 to 6 persons is too heavy and it wouldn't be that much fun. The lighter the load, the scarier the flying fish would be.
Us guys trying out the flying fish
Company: Diamond Water Sports
Maximum Capacity: 6 people
Best Price/Rate: Php 300 / 15 minutes
Peak Price/Rate: Php 400 / 15 minutes

Walking underwater is a great experience and I highly recommend it if you haven't tried it even once. It feels great being underwater feeding schools of fish. I was jumping and running underwater. Too bad they didn't have radios so we can communicate with each other. But they do teach you few sign languages for communication. The divers and guides were really friendly and we had so much fun. More pictures and information on Boracay Marine Walk Click HERE.
Reef / Marine Walking Helmets
Company: White Blue (referred by Diamond Water Sports)
Maximum Capacity: 7 people per dive
Best Price/Rate: Php350 / 30 minutes
Peak Price/Rate: Php500 / 30 minutes

Don't like the water? You can also check out the the Boracay ATV Adventure.

***FYI: Agents of any activities in Boracay usually offer higher prices to foreigners. So Better take note of the best rates for comparison.

Also saw wind surfing and sailing but wasn't able to inquire about it.
Boracay Wind Surfing
Boracay Sailing
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Anonymous said...

STAY AWAY from Diamond Watersports Company!

We joined the jet ski activity on 7 Jan and were intentionally hurt by the trainer, Rolly Borga of Diamond Water sports. Within one minute of starting our compulsory training, we saw Rolly was already in a bad mood. We mentioned we joined the activity for half an hour and the sun was setting soon. As soon as we said that he intentionally performed a 360 degree manoeuvre which is both dangerous and illegal (confirmed with the marine police) which threw myself and my wife off for two metres in the water. He did not offer us an apology and when we asked why he did that he simply said that "we were excited". I stated it was harmful and I would make a complaint and he simply drove the jet ski and rammed it to the jetty whilst jumping off and scraped both me and my wife's legs whilst we lay stranded and injured on the jet ski. He refused to provide his name.

We have since proceeded with a police report and marine report.

Do yourself a favour and choose another provider!