October 31, 2011

Army Navy - Burger Plus Burrito

Army Navy Burger + Burrito is another burger joint that would satisfy people that have burger cravings. It is fast becoming a famous established burger joint in Metro Manila with 15 branches opened and more coming soon.
Army Navy Tomas Morato
We went to one of its branches in Tomas Morato beside the Popular Bookstore. It's spacious and has tables outside for smokers.  The place is well lighted so you won't miss it.
Army Navy in Popular Bookstore Building
The interior as you would expect is designed to look like an army barracks.
Army Navy Barracks Like Interior
Adding an army feel to it is the metal tables and those square chairs where you don't have nothing to lean on. Seat up straight and eat like a soldier.
Army Navy Metal Covered Tables
They have a self-service system. You order from the counter and they would call your name to pick up your food. It's like ordering coffee from Starbucks. I ordered their regular burger plus fries.
Self Service Ordering Counter
 Army Navy also has burritos and fried chicken.
Nice Army Navy burrito phrase: It's a burritoful world
Army Navy don't seem to mind spending extra bucks to wrap their juicy burgers with foil. Nowadays there are few burger joints who use foil because its costly. Foil would help preserve the freshness of the burger specially for take outs or ordered by phone.
Army Navy Burgers Wrapped with Foil
Look at those buns. Very unique and I love their taste, matches perfectly with the burger.
Army Navy Burger - Php145
If you look inside the army navy regular burger, you'll see big onion rings which tastes great with those juicy grilled burgers. 
Army Navy Burger with large onion rings
Orange fries usually reminds me of McDonald's Twister Fries. And I was surprised that it does really taste like twister fries. Thin and very crispy or crunchy. Yum!
Crispy Freedom Fries - Php65
Taste like McDonald's Twister Fries
Nice table tops, informative and helpful.
Cute Table Top
 Army Navy has a very cool looking delivery bike. Kinda reminds me of Captain America.
Army Navy Delivery Bike

Army Navy - Burger Plus Burrito Price per Person:

How to get to Army Navy Tomas Morato:
35 Tomas Morato, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines (Popular Bookstore Building)

Army Navy Contact Information:
Army Navy, Tomas Morato - (02) 352-6361
*Accepts Delivery
Other Branches of Army Navy
Army Navy, Alabang  - (02) 403-9968
Army Navy, B.F. Homes  - (02) 519-9999 
Army Navy, Better Living - (02) 846-5555
Army Navy, Glorietta 5 - (02) 501-3106
Army Navy, Greenhills - (02) 661-4600
Army Navy, Harbor Square - (02) 403-8038
Army Navy, Katipunan - (02) 682-1597
Army Navy, La Salle - Taft - (02) 526-6281
Army Navy, Pasig - (02) 570-8181
Army Navy, SM City Fairview - (02) 332-5603
Army Navy, Shaw Boulevard - (02) 655-2190
Army Navy, Sky Garden - (02) 332-5644

What time does Army Navy Tomas Morato Open:
Everyday(Monday to Sunday) 9:00am - 2:00am