October 12, 2011

Food Trips at Boracay Island

Boracay has lots of good food and original restaurants. Most are unique and can only be found on the island. But with the success of the restaurants there some already have branches at Metro Manila. You would not only enjoy the white sands but also good and well served food.
Aria Pizza
Aria Cucina Italiana is an authentic Italian restaurant at the beachfront of Boracay. Well cooked and well served. They are the only one who uses a unique wood oven to cook their famous pizzas. A bit pricey but considering the quality of food, it was money well spent. For prices and details click Aria Cucina Italiana.
Aria Restaurant

Cook Korean Restaurant is a cozy little restaurant in Dmall Boracay. Very affordable and has friendly staff. Good food, affordable and has cozy interior, works for me. For prices and details click Cook Korean Restaurant.
Cook Korean Restaurant

Bite Club Grilled Burgers serves one of the juiciest burgers in the island. They have a unique way of serving their burgers and I call them customized burgers. Because you get to choose what patty to use and a wide variety of sauces. Not to mention they also served the biggest burger in Boracay weighing at 1 pound. For prices and details click Bite Club Grilled Burgers.
Bite Club Burgers Restaurant

I Love Backyard BBQ at D-Mall
I Love Backyard Barbeque restaurant at Boracay is a must try for barbeque lovers. They have one of the best exterior in D'Mall. Backyard BBQ is owned by the same group that owns Hawaiian Bar-B-Que(Barbecue) Restaurant, another well known barbeque restaurant in Boracay. Backyard BBQ reminds me of Friday's. They have these funny signages on their wall which we had fun reading. For prices and details click I Love Backyard BBQ.
Backyard Barbeque Restaurant

If Hawaiian Bar-B-Que(Barbecue) Restaurant is familiar to you then you might have seen their other branches in Metro Manila and Tagaytay. This well known restaurant originally started in Boracay. Serves one of the best baby back ribs in the Island. For prices and details click Hawaiian Bar-B-Que Boracay.
Hawaiian Barbeque Restaurant

Gasthof Cafe Lei at Boracay Island
Gasthof Cafe Lei is a German grill restaurant in Boracay. Another restaurant in Boracay that branched out and opened at Makati's A-venue. Gasthof is said to be famous for their baby back rib but fell short of our expectations. The serving size was ok but the taste was just too ordinary. For prices and details click Gasthof Cafe Lei.
Gasthof Cafe Lei Restaurant

Jonahs Fruit Shakes are the most well-known fruit shakes on the island. Although they also have food, everyone goes there to enjoy cold shakes. It's located along the beach front of Boracay so it has a great view of the beach.They have a wide variety of fruit shakes and smoothies. They even have alcohol mixed fruit shakes. For prices and details click  Jonahs Fruit Shake and Restaurant.
Jonahs Fruit Shake and Restaurant

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