October 26, 2011

Rowena's Buko Tarts at Tagaytay

Going home from Tagaytay? Be sure to drop by at Rowena's for their famous Tarts. Made famous by word of mouth, many people from Metro Manila always buys something at Rowena's before going home to the big city. 
Rowena's Tagaytay
Rather than selling the usual Buko Pie, Rowena's has established itself for having its unique buko tarts or coconut tarts. They sell tarts in a variety of flavors like apple, mango, pineapple and ube. I wasn't able to take photos of the buko tarts because I bought them as "pasalubongs" which is the reason why most people go here.

You can see a sample of it at the top-left portion of the photo below. They also have other pastries like egg tarts and Silvannas which are also recommended. (scroll down for prices)
Since Rowena's Buko Tarts is famous, you have to go there early before they ran out of supply for that day. If you go there when most Tagaytay tourists are going back home (which is usually Sunday or Monday afternoons), you'll surely won't be able to buy those tarts. But for the other pastries like "Buko Pie", "Egg Tarts" and "Silvannas" there seems to be no problem on their supply. (scroll down for prices)
Crowded Rowena's on Sunday Afternoon
I don't eat anything else there but those scrumptious Buko tarts and the tasty silvannas. Those two are my favorites.
Silvannas, Buko Pie, Egg Tarts
Silvannas taste the best when cold. It melts in your mouth and feels great eating them.
Rowena's Silvannas - Php190
There are other products available at Rowena's aside from tarts. Most of them are not there own brand, which they got from other suppliers.
Other products sold at Rowena's
They also have Rowena's Cafe which we weren't able to try. Maybe next time.
Rowena's Cafe Poster

Rowena's Tagaytay Product Prices:
Tarts (Buko, mango, apple, ube and pineapple) -Php170
Pies (Buko, mango, apple, ube and pineapple) -Php170
Egg Tarts (Blueberry and strawberry) -Php170
Silvannas - Php190

How to get to Rowena's Tagaytay:
#152 Brgy Francisco, Tagaytay City (5-10 minutes away from the rotunda)

Rowena's Tagaytay Contact Information:
Tel: (+46) 860 2481
Mobile: +63920 9080318
E-mail: rowenas_tarts@yahoo.com.ph
Official Website: http://rowenas-tarts-tagaytay.com

What time does Rowena's Tagaytay Open:
Not Listed

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