October 25, 2011

Terraza Cafe at Club Balai Isabel

Terraza Cafe is the only restaurant in Club Balai Isabel and the food is just great. They offer buffet and ala carte menus at decent prices. The restaurant sits beside Taal lake so you can see a wonderful closeup view of Taal Volcano.
Terraza Cafe at Club Balai Isabel

Interior and Views
I really like the interior of Terraza Cafe, very cozy and you'll feel like you're eating at home. 
Tables and Interior
They also have air conditioned rooms so no need to worry if you don't like the hot weather.
Air Conditioned Room
At the back of the restaurant they have huge swimming pools. It's just few meters away from the lake.
Outdoor Tables beside the Pool
Terraza Cafe Swimming Pool Beside Taal Lake
Across the pool you can actually walk along the shoreline of the lake. They even have few tables there where customers can enjoy the scenery.
Taal Lake at Terraza Cafe

Buffet and Ala Carte
Terraza's buffet had nothing special on the menu but for Php450 it was worth the price. The food tasted good and they have a very accommodating staff.
Buffet Menu of the Day
Main Courses and Salad Station
Pasta Station and the very friendly Chef
Many people love Tempura, so those guys would love that Terraza have a station just for tempura.
Tempura Station
Few choices on the dessert, just fruits and salad.
Fruit and Dessert Station
Nothing much to offer on the grill station too, just barbecue sticks, no steaks or anything of that sort.
Grill Station
Some of us weren't that hungry so we just ordered ala carte. When it comes to their ala carte, the food prices are a bit expensive. Ordering two of their cheapest ala carte would cost more than the buffet. This way they made sure that most people would choose the buffet over their ala carte.
Ala Carte Menu
Pork with Garlic Rice
Porkchop with gravy and Garlic Rice
Penne Pasta
Terraza Cafe

The buffet price is just right. Ala carte menu is a bit pricey. The food tasted great. The view and interior is just beautiful. But do remember to double check your bill before paying. Our bill was computed wrong not twice but trice. They reasoned that the automated cashier machine was faulty. We almost paid an extra Php500.

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Terraza Cafe Price per Person:
Eat-all-you-can Buffet: Php450
Ala Carte: Php200 - Php400

How to get to Terraza Cafe or Club Balai Isabel
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Terraza Cafe or Club Balai Isabel Contact Information:
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What time does Terraza Cafe Open:
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