November 8, 2011

Milk Plus Tea Station Tomas Morato

After eating at nice restaurants at Tomas Morato or Timog, you can easily drop by Milk Plus Tea Station. A refreshing milk tea near ABS-CBN.
Milk Plus Tea Milk Tea
The place is small and has very few tables. Most customers buy for take outs or order by phone. They outsource their delivery with Quick Delivery 2121212.
Milk Plus Tea Tomas Morato
What I like about Milk Plus Tea is the ambiance, makes me feel I'm in a coffee shop rather than the usual milk tea shops. In other words, a Starbucks feel to it. Too bad they didn't made the place bigger.
Milk Plus Tea uses low fat milk which is great for weight conscious people.
Country Goodness Low Fat Milk
Milk Plus Tea also offers smoothies and fruit tea. They have various jelly toppings and the sweetness level can be adjusted. They only have one size for all their drinks.
Milk Plus Tea Menu
I'd say the taste of Milk + Tea has a fresher taste than most milk teas around.
Milk Plus Tea

Milk Plus Tea Station Price per Person:

How to get to Milk Plus Tea Station Tomas Morato:
Beside Frutti Froyo and 7-11 Tomas Morato.

Milk Plus Tea Station Contact Information:
For Delivery call 2121212

What time does Milk Plus Tea Station Open:
Not Listed

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