January 17, 2012

Shi Wei Ji New Concept of Home Cooking

Had a quick dinner at Shi Wei Ji Chinese Restaurant at Shishi Street Mall. I haven't been to China for over 8 years so I was excited to eat at an authentic Chinese restaurant.
Shi Wei Ji Chinese Restaurant
If you've been to some of Manila Chinatown's Chinese restaurant, you'll find Shi Wei Ji very similar. Just your typical Chinese restaurant with mostly round tables and some square tables on the side.
Round Tables
Window Side Tables
Usually Chinese restaurants in Manila has round plates. This kind of setup reminds me of the Japanese with the floral designs.
Nice that their menu has lots of pictures in them. You can just point your finger to what you want to order.
Menu Cover

The Food
My uncle was the one who ordered so I wasn't really able to see the prices. The fried chicken was my favorite. When your dip the chicken into the brown powder it tasted even better.
Other dishes that we ordered.
Forgot what this one was
The presentation of this one looks nice but this was just vegetables. Literally just greens and sauces mixed together. Loved the taste though.
Finally the fruits.
You don't need to bother ordering for iced tea. They have house tea and a bucket of ice so you can make your own real iced tea.
Ice and Tea

Food was ok. Overall cleanliness needs improvement. Ambiance was a bit dark.

Shi Wei Ji Price per Person:

How to get to Shi Wei Ji:
Shishi Pedestrian Street Mall, Shishi, Quanzhou, Fujian, China
Refer to map

Shi Wei Ji Contact Information:
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What time does Shi Wei Ji Open:
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