January 19, 2012

Shishi Pedestrian Street Mall

Shishi Pedestrian Street Mall is a big residential and commercial project in Shishi City. It is a city on its own with 6 storey residential buildings each having its own commercial spaces. It has lots of shops offering both local and international brands. It also has a number of locally known restaurants.
Shishi Pedestrian Street Mall
Check out the aerial view of Shishi Street Mall. This was a nice project of Shishi officials. My dad heard that the government required the developers that the buildings should all look the same and have a commercial space below. Look how it turned out.
Shishi Street Mall Aerial View
Base on the plaque on one of the buildings there, this was constructed by a Filipino-Chinese businessman. Not surprised since many Filipino-Chinese businessman came from the Fujian province which Shishi is part of.
Another Open Area
Shishi Street Mall reminds me of Eastwood, Libis but has way bigger open spaces and not to mention more plants.
Big Screen for Ads
I just love this tree. Notice the trunk? Obviously it was grown to be like that, but it was really amusing.
Amusing Tree
Did I mention huge open spaces? There were even people doing aerobics. There was actually 3 groups dancing on opposite sides of the mall.
Dancing Aerobics
We ate dinner at a Chinese restaurant in Shishi street mall called Shi Wei Ji. Check out Shi Wei Ji - New Concept of Home Cooking.
Shi Wei Ji Chinese Restaurant
After eating dinner we walked around and saw this old Chinese guy is teaching ballroom dancing to young ladies. Not sure if its free but they were there untill 11pm.

I was actually watching the ballroom dancing while drinking my milk tea just beside them. I ordered my milk tea at this pink stall called Sweet Milk Tea. The milk tea was very cheap compared to ours here in the Philippines. Only 35 pesos, what a bargain. Check out Sweet Milk Tea at Shishi Street Mall.
Sweet Milk Tea
I just got to spent few hours at Shishi Pedestrian Street Mall so I wasn't really able to shop. There was more on going construction around the area and currently expanding. There was also an area for bargains or Chang-ge similar to what we have at Greenhills. Definitely going to visit here again next time I go to Shishi.

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How to get to Shishi Pedestrian Street Mall:
Shishi Pedestrian Street Mall, Shishi, Quanzhou, Fujian, China
Refer to map

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