January 18, 2012

Sweet Milk Tea at Shishi Street Walk

Sweet Milk Tea is a Milk Tea shop conveniently located at the middle of the Shishi Pedestrian Street walk. Shockingly very cheap compared to counterparts here in the Philippines. It has few tables in front of the stall with a nice view of the shops and the huge open space.
Sweet Milk Tea Stall
It was relaxing sitting outside with the cool breeze and drinking my cold milk tea. There was even an old guy teaching ballroom dancing to some young Chinese women.
In front of the Stall, Ballroom Dancing
Sweet Milk Tea's logo was really cute.
Sweet Milk Tea Logo
Two guys were serving and making the drinks.
Two guys making the drinks

Their featured drinks are posted on the wall. Sadly I didn't understand the Chinese characters so I just ordered milk tea. Surprisingly their prices was really cheap. Here in the Philippines the usual rate of Milk Teas are from Php75 to Php100. The regular Milk Tea there costs only 5 Yuan which is roughly 35 Pesos! Wow right?
Featured Drinks
Drink Choices
Awesome Milk Tea. Their milk tea is creamier compared to others.
Sweet Milk Tea's Regular Milk Tea
Sweet Milk Tea Price per Person:
5 to 7 Yuan (Php35 to Php50)

How to get to Sweet Milk Tea:
Shishi Pedestrian Street Mall, Shishi, Quanzhou, Fujian, China
Refer to map

Sweet Milk Tea Contact Information:
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What time does Sweet Milk Tea Open:
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