February 22, 2012

Bistro Ravioli, SM Mall of Asia

Ravioli is a new look for fresh pasta and brick oven-baked pizza. They offer affordable Italian dishes and casual dining.
Bistro Ravioli SM Mall of Asia
Ravioli or raviolo for singular, is a traditional Italian dish where a tasty filling is sealed between two layers of pasta and then served with pasta sauce. It's a dish that you won't find often in Italian restaurants in Metro Manila.

Table and Logo
Simple interior with white tables and chairs.
They have a see through kitchen where you can watch their chefs as they make your food.
See Through Kitchen
Service is good with extra friendly and accommodating staff.
Servers and Counter
Other than Ravioli, they also serve pizza and rice dishes.
Ravioli's single order pastas is more affordable compared to their other dishes with a Php200 or less price tag. Most of not all of the ingredients used are made by restaurant itself, down to the dough used in their pasta and pizza. Guaranteed quality and freshness.
Ravioli Pasta
Although their specialty is Ravioli, I found their  Brick-Oven Pizza even better. The pizza has thin crust but still has a very soft texture. Their Pizza is good for two for just Php350 or less.
Affordable and serves good food. Their Brick-Oven Pizza is must eat.

Bistro Ravioli Restaurant Price per Person:
Php200 - Php400

How to get to Bistro Ravioli SM Mall of Asia:
2/F South Wing Main Mall, SM Mall of Asia, Bay City, Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Bistro Ravioli Restaurant Contact Information:
SM Mall of Asia (02) 804-0577
Other Branches
Glorietta 3 - Makati
Robinsons Place - Manila (02) 523-7565

What time does Bistro Ravioli SM Mall of Asia:
Daily 10:00am - 9:00pm