April 9, 2012

Katibawasan Falls, Camiguin Island

Katibawasan Falls is a 250 feet waterfall at Mount Timpoong in the island of Camiguin. It is surrounded with rocks, wild ferns and trees. Aside from the amazing view, there is an ice cold pool at the bottom of the falls, an ideal place for cooling down during hot days.
Katibawasan Falls, Camiguin
Sneak Peek
Be sure to have your swim wear on when you go to Katibawasan Falls. The ice cold pool is so refreshing to swim. The water is so clean and cold. 
Swimming at Katibawasan Falls' Clear Water
 You'll see lots of boulders and rocks around the area.
There are few picnic tables and benches available. There is also a grilling area for those who want to cook there. 
Tables and Benches
At the top they have toilets so don't do it at the pool! Just kidding.
Toilet / Comfort Room
 Here are more photos of Katibawasan Falls.
Katibawasan Falls from the ground
Closeup Top
Closeup Bottom
At the entrance you'll notice a monkey there. Some may find it entertaining but I wish they would set him free. He looks really sad and alone.
 Same as other tourist attractions in Camiguin, this is a smoke free vicinity.
Smoke Free Tourist Vicinity
A small admission fee must be paid before entering. Php15 for adults and Php6 for children 7 and below. 
Katibawasan Falls Entrance/Admission Fee Php15
There are a few souvenir shops outside the Katibawasan Falls. Mostly selling Camiguin, Cagayan de Oro and Katibawasan shirts and souvenirs.
Katibawasan 168 Souvenir Shop
Pasalubong on Camiguin Shop

Very refreshing cold swim. Awesome view to see. A must try in Camiguin.

How to get to Katibawasan Falls:
I recommend renting a multicab van for your whole stay in Camiguin Island. The driver will also serve as a tour guide on the whole island. We got Rico as our driver/tour guide for our whole stay in camiguin. Check Camiguin Trip for his contact details.

There is a tricycle, the locals call "Motorela". Cheaper but is not advisable for going to Katibawasan Falls.

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