April 12, 2012

Paras Beach Resort at Camiguin Island

Paras Beach Resort is one of the most popular resorts in Camiguin. They have lots of accommodation options and exciting water activities. Great retreat for family and friends.
Paras Beach Resor
Paras started operating on March of 1995 and was originally built as a private beach house for the Paras Family. Since then it has continuously expanded and improved.
Front of Paras Beach Resort
Paras Beach Resort is located at the edge of the island of Camiguin. It's a short ride from the capital town of Mambajao. It is also the nearest resort to the White Island of Camiguin.
Map of Camiguin Island
View of Paras Beach Resort from the ocean

Checking in at Paras Beach Resort
We arrived around 12:30pm. Checking in was fast and the employees their are friendly and accommodating.
Front desk
You'll able to see immediately the ocean and most of their facilities at the front desk. So you won't notice waiting for your room while looking around. Or you can just sit and relax at their lounge just in front of the front desk.
Lounge and waiting area
 As we were checking in we were greeted with welcome necklace and drinks.
Welcome Necklace

Our Room
We got the dormitory room which costs Php5,500 per night. Although we were only 8, the room actually has 12 single beds. Even though we were short 4 persons this was still the cheapest room. The room has all the basic room necessities like air conditioning, hot and cold shower, cable TV and telephone. This room is very ideal for large groups. The resort is not strict with the number of persons checking in so I think you can even fit 14 to 16 persons in this room since the single beds are quite big. Or you can add an extra bed which they charge Php500.
6 beds on the left with TV
6 beds on the right
Colorful curtains
The problem with the dormitory is that they only have one restroom for the supposedly 12 occupants. With proper coordination on who would shower first, I think everyone can manage.
The room has one cabinet and has two hangers. Not all resorts provide those kind hangers. Very useful for drying swimwear, love them.

Other Accommodations
Extra bed: Php500/Night
all rooms have air conditioning, hot and cold shower, cable TV and telephone
no wireless internet access in rooms (lobby and restaurant only)
Economy Room (4 rooms)
Rate: Php2,250/Night
2 rooms having 1 queen and 1 single
2 rooms having 2 single bed

Amihan Room (10 rooms)
Rate: Php4,000/Night
6 rooms with 1 queen & 1 single bed
4 rooms with 2 double bed
Complementary Bottled Water and In-room coffee (each 3 Daily)

Garden Room (8 rooms)

Rate: Php4,000/Night
1 king size bed
with refrigerator
Complementary Bottled Water and In-room coffee (each 2 Daily)

Family Loft (10 rooms)
Rate: Php3,500/Night
2 queen size bed and 1 sofa bed

Ocean View Room (2 rooms)

Rate: Php4,000/Night
1 king size bed and 1 single bed
with refrigerator and electric kettle
Complementary Bottled Water and In-room coffee (each 3 Daily)

Family Room (1 room)
Rate: Php4,500/Night
2 king size beds
with refrigerator and electric kettle
Complementary Bottled Water and In-room coffee (each 3 Daily)

Cottages (2 cottages)
Rate: Php7,000/Night
2 bedrooms with 2 toilet and bath
with refrigerator and 4 extra bunk bed

Dormitory (2 rooms)
Rate: Php5,500/Night
12 single beds

Facilities and Amenities
Front desk and lounge building
Cottages and other accommodations
Not sure but maybe Amihan Rooms
Cottages and pool
Dormitory and Family Rooms
Their dining area is cozy and sits beside the ocean. The ocean breeze is really nice. They also have a function room or conference hall which has a maximum capacity of 180 persons.
Dining Area / Paras Restaurant
Awesome view of the ocean while swimming on their pool. Their pool has various depths. They have shallow parts for kids.
Paras Beach Resort Swimming Pool
They have a really small beach at the side. But the sand is gray so no one really swims there. Most guests just go to White Island to swim.
Small Beach
Beside the small beach is their wave breaker. You can actually walk to the edge.
Wave breaker
They have benches along the shores so guests can sit and watch the sun sets or rise.
Bay walk
Great about Paras is that they are not the type that charges for everything. They have pool tables, Foosball, table-tennis and they let guests use it for free. First come first serve of course.
Billiards or Pool Table
Their Foosball doesn't have a ball so we just use the ball of the small pool table. Still fun to play.
Foosball and small pool table for kids
Love playing ping pong. Had fun playing with my friends.
Ping Pong Table / Table Tennis
Their constructing something on the center. Maybe a bar?
New constructions

Water Sports and Activities
Paras has lots of exciting activities to offer. They even have scuba diving. 
Paras Aqua Sports Facility
Honestly I find some of the prices a bit to expensive, specially the banana boat and wake boarding. Here are the price rates:
  • Banana Boat - Php1,700 / 15 minutes
  • Parasail - Php2,000 / round
  • Wake Board - Php6,000 / hour
  • Jetski - Php2,200 / 30 minutes
  • Snorkeling Gears - Php350 / set
  • Walking Ball - Php400 / 15 minutes
  • Kayak - Php400 / hour
  • Beach Umbrella - Php220 / peice
  • Tent - Php250 / peice
  • White Island - Pumpboat Php400 / Speed Boat Php800
  • Mantigue Island - Pumpboat Php4,400 / Speed Boat Php5,500
  • Sunken Cemetery - Pumpboat Php1,100 / Speed Boat Php2,200
Aqua Sports and Island Hopping Rates
Paras Docking Area

Speed Boat
Maybe one of their bigger pumpboats

White Island is a sand bar in the sea, roughly 2 kilometers away from the shores Paras Beach Resort. Here you can see one of the best views of Mounts Mambajao, Hibok-hibok and Old Volcano. It took around 10 minutes to reach White Island from the resort. Their outrigger boat (bangka) carries a maximum of 6 persons. White Island is great for swimming, sunbathing and snorkeling. Check out White Island of Camiguin for more information.
White Island
White Island C Shape Shore

Forgot to bring swimwear? No worries, Paras Beach Resort has its own store. They have swimwear and souvenirs.
Paras Shop

Food at Paras
The food in Paras is great and affordable. We didn't even bother looking for other places to eat since we were pretty satisfied with the there. Their servings are great for sharing and roughly costs around Php120 to Php200. Here are some of our orders.
Bulalo Steak
Lechon Kawali
Pork Liempo

Not your 5 star resort, but definitely will not disappoint you. Rooms are spacious and beds are big. Highly recommended for large groups. Lots of options for accommodations.

Paras Beach Resort Contact Information:
Official Website: www.parasbeachresort.com

Cagayan de Oro Office
Telephone: +63 (88) 8568563
Telefax: +63 (88) 8568562
Mobile: +63 9177152284

Camiguin Office
Telephone: +63 (88) 3879008
Telefax: +63 (88) 3879117
Mobile: +63 9177152285

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